Tuesday, March 17

Kopi Radix

what a dumb dumb headline. i know people, somehow i am laaame

my dumb dumb internet still not working, i hit it like thousand times now. still, no any massive impression from that dumb dumb thing. so, i am at my dad's office, 'qada' everything that has been left aside. here i am, people, talk to me now
i am here, what are you guys waiting for? like you ever want to talk to me. duuuhh

i read liyana's blog. yeah girl, we were stalkers! and a very good one. HAHA good thing we took all the chances, plus those crazy stuffs we did. what a very good thing, though it change everything. but not that 'everything'.

but for me, giving up something that we really dream of to someone we love, is a good thing right? i want to be a good girl, and i need someone to help me :)

p/s; i am increasing my blog post, don't mind reading it

shining teeth

so, should i say "i'm back!" or should i just shut this mouth. hm, like anyone cares. i get it all right :)

moving on, nothing quite special happened on those previous weeks and i got nothing to write. one thing that really excite me is i got my one gold chance! thank you God. i was hoping for this so much. i can't wait to meet them

that's all, i am not in the mood,

sorry thank you