Monday, August 31

April's Taggoh

Sorry wani, aku baru nak buat. tak tau pun kena tag haha
Past few days, I googled your name, tehee
adding another one, mira sibukk!

*semangat rumah!, ahaks

1. Apakah hubungan awak dengan dia?
wani: kawan, duhh. kami tak lesbo, kann? kahkah
mira: dia .. sape ek? kawan eh? haha kawan laaa

2. 5 impressions terhadap c dia???
first, wani baik. bluekk
second, dia prs ke laut. am i right?
third, she might be an evil woman -_-
forth, a braniac, i purpose
fifth, muka gila ganas, but deeply inside she is vice versa

first, dia sangat gedikk
second, dia gila bunkface, that's what i know
third, she is SHORT. sorry i have to. terasa tak? -_-
forth, she is waaaay funny when she laugh
fifth, i know she loves me. kan makcik? HAHA

3. Perkara yang paling memorable yang dia lakukan kat awak???
wani: ... thinking
mira: ... i'm still thinking

4. Perkara yang paling memorable yang dia cakap
wani: Hudaaaaa haha or or "lu bikin gua panas"
lol i always laugh when that came out
mira: she loves to talk, and she talks a lot. and i am very sure, i love all of that. ahaks *kembang*

5. Kalau dia kekasih awak... awak akan...
wani: i'll go and date her and love her and do whatever a couple should do
but i won't, bcs i am not a lesbo
eventhough, i've been stated once. huahuahua
mira: bkn kau aku pnye ke? LOL eversince babe

6. kalau dy jadi musuh anda... anda akan...
wani: cubit dia lagi KUAT. yeee
although she doesn't feel a thing
mira: ejek dia gedik and pendek kuat kuat, AHA

7. kalau dy jadi kekasih anda.. dy perlu improve dlm...
wani: personalities, attitudes, appearence
but most important, sex
mira: like i said, her gender

8. kalau dy jadi musuh anda... mungkin kerana...
wani: dia mengada >.<
mira: dia ngokngek terlebih =P

9. overall impression ttg dy...
wanee SPASTIC! tehee
mira gedikk! it just has to be

10. the most desirable thing to do to her/him???
wani: aku da buat macam macam kann? nak lagi ke? haha (?)
mira: lari sekolah sama sama. outside the school, fyi

11. apakah anda rasa ttg pandangan org terhadap anda???
annoying, sarcastic, selfish
and i'm sure about this one, spastic
eventhough i am not

12. the character of u for urself...
sensitive, oh i hate that

13. on contrary, the character u hate about u...
told you, my sensitiveness that been controling the whole entire body

14. the ideal person you want to be with...

15. for people who lyke u... tell something about them..
wear spectacles

16. ten people you tag...
1. Diyanah bt Abdul Muis
2. Nur Fatin Liyana bt Zulkifli
3. Liyana bt Abdul Muis
4. Nik Deanna bt Nik Abdullah Sani
5. Aqilah bt Ahmad Sedek
6. Mira Yusleeza bt Mohd Yusoff
7. Amir Asyraaf
8. Amir Faisal
9. Nik Nurul Nadzirah
10. Ummairah Nadhirah

17. no.2 anda ada hubungan dgn siapa???
single mingle. righttt?

18. is no. 3 female or male???
female, like duhh

19. if no. 7 dgn no. 10 have a relationship. is it a good thing???
i don't know. they don't know each other. let God decide -_-

20. no.1 belajar apa???
abc and 123 perhaps. LOL she is a scince stream girl

21. macamna dgn no. 5 dgn no. 8???
they are friends. you guys are not enemies right?

22. no. 4 single ka???
oh no she is not. U.

23. say something about no. 6???
mkck mira sangat gedik. kann?

24. no.9 kelakar ka???
nik? haha she is. waaaaaaaay funny :p

free the flag

lupa lupa,


see how patriotic i am
the patriotism on the 31st of August
round up to 52
Malaysia is getting old

I want fireworks!

So loooooooooooong

I am going back to that so called hell
My awesome yet astonish heavenly hell
Oh how I wish I could just stay here, and school here.
like LIVE here :p

Time doesn't wait for me, i know, i've been told that
again and again
with the help from my mum and not to forget my dad
i haven't start packing anything, cause i think that i have enough time to pack later
*bongkak sangaaaaat -___-
cheesy creamy stressfulness

one week seemed very fast
i haven't got the chance to meet fatin
gila tak? sangat kaaannn? *rising veins
thank God, i met up the others. we had a blast, aren't we?
I said, rindu rindu rindu. does it mean anything?
pfft, who cares?
we all got our very own life, and eventually no cares what other people think
so do I, babe

again - i'm going baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
or not?
i don't want to
but they had shouted, screamed very loud
saying "jangan nak mengada, you go there and study!"
and I said, "FINE" like safiyyah did, wait always. tehee
haven't finish up my homework yet
I can give a small tick to Biology, God seems to care about me
else, puuuh it's the same like before
bawa balik pun tkd guna, haha

ammonium fertilisation or ammonium fertilization
is there any difference?
somebody help me with my report
*stress crawling in my veins, reaching up to the brain

Saturday, August 29

Additional plus, plus

makcik mira, see? i'm awake till 5 o'clock. now, it is time for sahur

much more bigger
much more fatter
indeed larger
not to forget heavier.

i've been aiming to at least slow down my temptation to food and decrease these fatty lumps in my body, eversince this is a fasting month, but i can't. azan je, MAKAN -_-
am i striving? Nope :p

few of my classmates have stopped me to not to do hw, and i said "okay" they are bad people, cruel, villains. NO, spastics!
this means that i don't have to do homework, right? gosh, what am i blabbering about?
there are tons, tons of homework slash schoolwork to be done
and i have at least 3 more days to finish up all of it
*i think i can, i think i can't
pfft, i've tried (big laugh)

rindu, rindu, rindu. i miss my .. oh i'm lost

Damn Bored -_-

Wednesday, August 26

The Brand New

nor me can explain about this same old brand new. i am not going for a straight forward paragraph, but something literally overlap, some undefined meaning of a whole sentence. got what i mean? no you don't, i know :)

i repeat it again, there are ups and downs living in that new environment. living with others from each directions. people are crawling to the center, not the north neither the south. exclude the east and the west. we are holding our target, aiming for the one and only. i am tired of being pushed, kicked all the time.

frankly, i thought i have them. that bunch.
i had enough with this hypocrite stuff, pretending, acting. girls, you guys are not drama queens, neither am i. please, i am sick of it.
once, just once, i need a feedback, a repay whatever that i have done. show me that i am one of your friends, and that's it.

i miss my past, my present and believe me, i can't wait for the future. hoping for no dissapointment, no struggling for bad activities. i do not want to live alone, i am not good in that. at least one, that particular angel, who will always be by my side and talk to to me whatever and whenever i want.

hope and faith;
Huda, is in that angel's head :)

to all and old

Sunday, August 23

Wonder of the World

as i went through people's blogs, it have gave me inspiration to activate again my bloodish blog. so, i will like to thank them :)
this bloodish blog *again, has not been updated for the past few months, do anyone want me to recover it? what the hell am i saying? gosh, *geeky*

Oh My God!

i miss all of you. not just you, but you, you and you. arghhhh! i am crazy, i've been told that. they are nice, they treat me like a princess, a princess from neverland, oh how grateful am i *smiling with pleasant.

about my new kingdom, actually, it is not that brand new, pfft.
there are ups and downs, like always - UJIAN DARI ALLAH SWT, i went through that alright. i recovered, so were they.

to all Muslims of the World, happy blessed Ramadhan :)