Friday, June 26

take it easy

don't take it wrong, but ..
tak payah la nak obses sgt dkt org tu
kalau'bercinta' pun, relex lahh

what a mess

June June June, then July. long time no see, people! how are you? "fine, thank you" :p i have no idea what to write

school seems okay, umrah was fun.
andand, i miss my friends, and my mum, and my dad, nd my sisters, and my brother
all listed? good

should i end now? okay
my last sentence is "your beloved Michael Jackson is dead"
may Allah bless him

toodles, xoxo

8th June, Aqilah
16th June, Diyanah and Liyana
24th June, Anis Najwa, she is my sister :D

we can go now ..