Saturday, February 20

I've once told

When people come to you, and ask for your help, you better help them. Try to find a way to solve the kind of matter. if it is that hard, at least be with them, accompany them. Make them think that you are the most unbelievable thoughtful person. Make them think that you are the kind of person they could rely on, they could count on. That is what I have been told.

Jerks are what you need to avoid. There are just many types of them. Stupid jerks, loving jerks, jerk jerks. None of them will keep you living. As the matter of fact, you could end up as a jerk if you get along with them. No offense -___-

I had enough thinking and talking about this kind of matter. And I think it is a total lame. As in lame, lamoooooe. I'll end up being a loser if I always put it in mind. Thinking of how to solve it, how to make it better, but actually I don't really have the solutions. For the past few months, I have been thinking a lot, and because I think about others too much, I barely have the time to think of myself. I need to be thought of, even though I haven't been thinking of myself for the past few months, could there be someone, who is thoughtful enough to think about me?

I need a work out. I need to work this out, my way. Yes, you can say whatever you want to say about me, but I won't give up. Now, my time has come. I control me, and I don't really need your help to tell me what is wrong and what is bad. Cause I know, I'll be bad, if I count on you. I may not forget the memories we cherish together, but that does not stop me to quit thinking about you. This is not L.O.V.E. this is L.I.F.E.

Wednesday, February 17

A holiday vacation

It has been a month
I experienced a lot of emotions
I have plenty of emotions inside me, waiting when to be expressed
I'm trying to get rid of this

- I danced like Britney
- I talked like Russel
- I behave like Adam
- I annoyed people like Ben did
- I did woof sound like Sandra when she almost get caught
- I think I am doing it right now, craps

Sorry if I did anything wrong.
Get excited when you knew your mates get bored of you
It is nice to know someone, still care about you
And i know my perfectly ones
By the way, i have not found my twelve hours, yet!