Sunday, September 27


Crawling. Walking. Running
Ways to achieving my future

I'm heading back to my awesome-lish castle
Pray for my present and my future

I'll be seeing you guys next "Pulang Bermalam"
Off I gooooooooooooooooo

*Rindu Pak Guard! :p* E <3

Tuesday, September 22

Hospital Madness

see, this shows that i love my Illy so much. I'm updating my blog! Now, i'm mobile blogging. Like, update my blog through mobile. Confused? Yes you are (mcm orang lain tak pena online blogging je :p) my battery is low, i only got few minutes to talk craps in this crappy blog. I hope you guys don't mind. Take a minute to go through this blog, then you can kindly click the (X) button to blaaah, ngee. I don't think i have time to celebrate my raya with my friends, bcs i haven't celebrate it in penang yet. Since my lovely sister is having her medication in the hospital, we, are having our healthy lifestyle in the same room in the hospital. Yet we are healthy, gee :p

There is no description to describe my day today. One filthy boring day. Eventhough today is the third day of raya, i just can't feel the RAYA inside me. How many times i wrote 'raya'? I texted people, like usual duuhh. Don't wow or make that big frightened eyes yet, but most of them are having a weird raya, like me, they don't felt it in them. Gaah, it's the end of the world. People, bertaubat!

By the way, i bought a new book. No Time For Goodbye! I didn't finish up the previous one yet, and the stand-by one. Huda is greedy, TAMAK! God is testing me, to choose or decide what's good or what's bad. I'm learning, one step at a time

WARNING: you don't have to read all these. Crazy is what you can tell
Hugs kisses from me
Huda is off to eat, lapar!

Monday, September 21

Week to Raya

first and foremost, *i need to greet, am i?* okay then. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh.. cikgu (?) this is not for teachers. I am waaay out of that school, fyi. I'm having my plesant hols with my beloved, pfft. Speaking of school, something bizzare happened last week, like all the days of that particular week, gee. Weird huh? I know. *i'm not copying you mira*
believe me?
Still not?
Then let me tell you my story. Like duhh, this is my blog
I'm not gonna simply talk about that man sitting along that street begging for coins :p i am very rude, am i? Huda, i thought you want to be a good girl. You promised, right? *smiling showing that shining rabbit teeth*
Okay okay, back to main topic people. Hello, don't get all twisted up to Canada right now. Why Canada? Geez. SESERI was hell SESERI last week. Wait, this week, still, right? No, no. Already monday. Monday was like usual, Tuesday, i got into a trouble with one of my seniors, Wednesday, Majlis Khatam Quran was held (it was kinda fascinating being the bunga telur girl and tamu saji) *don't ask to many Q's.
one more thing, my 'a trouble', ended up being a major trouble among the seniors. Gaah! Akubudakmasalah. Never got into this one before. Huda is no longer a girl next door, she is from the next block :p i experienced! Hurray to me, i went through it, well. *btw mira, nnt aku smbung crita :)* Thursday, as usual, photographs before we headed home. Not to forget, we celebrated our class teacher's birthday, comel sangat. hugs and kisses to everyone, then off we go. Friday, at home with family. Saturday, we were planning to went back Seremban at five but bcs of that problamatic roadtax, we went back at ten. Five hours waiting, can you believe that? Sunday, RAYA RAYA! First time i woke up late, dress in pyjamas in the early morning of raya.

So, there you have it.
A little bit, just a pinch of what happened on this week
You know no more
Until then, toodles!