Saturday, June 19

oh dears,

I thought we hold on to 'setia kawan'.
I am done with emotions, just give me facts from now on.

Tuesday, June 15


guess, I'm shutting down

Wednesday, June 9

Monopoly me

I went through Tumblr just now.
I need inspiration from someone, or something. to let me get back on track and start to focus. Because I haven't hold nor read a book yet. It's bad, yes. But I usually get distracted, I easily distracted.

I dislike people whom hate me. I don't really interested on whatever they dislike about me, but I just can't help myself from not knowing it. And I hate people whom hate my friends.

See, I easily get distracted.

"One thing you need to focus to achive something, is, stay focus"

I'm overloaded. Need a hand (:

Sunday, April 18

typical teenage girl

Mama, Ayah, Anis, Una, Imi

Saturday, April 17

out of sudden

No more intention to listen about it anymore. I cried over a friend who seek for me when she is in a bad condition. I cried over a friend who just pretend to like me. I cried over a friend when that particular friend ignore me. I cried over a friend who keeps on scolding me. I cried over a friend who pretend that she don't know me. I cried over a friend who don't appreciate me as her friend. I cried over many kinds of friends. Physically and mentally, I'm no satisfaction of what I have discovered.

I never thought of doing this again, posting whatever craps in my mind. Despite that I should be doing my tons homework and complete my oral text at time like this. But today I have this kind of aura inside me, to actually update this blog.

When I was doing Physics, and the questions are absolutely indescribable, a few people slipped through my mind. There are moments when we were having our ups and downs. No doubt that friendship is like a roller coaster. I went through it all. Somehow, I dislike it, it still taught me priceless lessons that I'm sure that I'll adapt it in life sooner.

I always think that I know how to deal a friendship. How to take care of our friendships. Actually, I am not that good. I might cry on your shoulder, asking for your advices. You are there, just there till things are over. Then you will slightly disappear. Ignoring every single hi from me. Maybe you think this is a total absurd but it really hurts me, deeply. You have your friends, who will always guide you around, laugh with you all day long. I might not be like them, I do not know how to be like them. I might not be that assuring to you. So I move on.

You may come to me when you have problems. Problematical matter that you cannot solve it on your own. You said thank you, and I am smiling from ear to ear. But things just stopped there, when everything is on track again. I kept on saying who am I to you. You find it hilarious, but that is the only way I want you to recognize my present. Sorry to say, I felt contented when you have problems.

I stand straight now. I have my own pride. I can always befriend with whoever I want. There is no you in me to tell me what should I do. I treat you special because you treated me once. I used to be the leftover, walk on my own, thinking about myself. Sorry if I hurt you, cause I'm just a human. And I don't get away from doing mistakes.

I do not find you serious, that is why I hardly believe when you missed me. I confide it, but how about you? You can go deep to someone, but that someone is not me. Little touched, yes I am, but I think I can still handle it. With just a silly argue, we end up like this. I hope you are in a good condition now. Sorry for all the tears I shed, and tears you shed.

Maybe some of you will find this post a total irritating and meaningless because I've always bought up a story of friends and how I have problems with my friends and etc. Sorry to disappoint you but this is what had cross my mind. And I do confess it here, whether you like it or not.

Sunday, April 4

Week disorder

Sport's day was hell fun. We had a blast shouting and screaming. Go BRASSI! ♥ from what we had confide, our team is number one (:

Earth hour! We are saving the earth by turning off the lights. The views were great

The Proposal was cool. Lagi cool bila tengok dlm bilik minda. Oh yeah! we are the rules-breaker (:

Wednesday, March 17

so cool, so fool

I don't go with once upon a time

you are a figment of my half imagination

money is love. and you need money to get love

I do bring along my friends on a ship

I have high hopes but low hardworkness

I adore school books, but I'm not loving it

My friends are like money

a loser's confession

Lets talk about bestfriends. Okay rewrite, how about friends. Okay senang lah, friendship. Dekat rumah, things are like, okay. Kepala tak serabut and all of that cs my friends are always there. They won't leave me behind, diorg akan usung I sekali smpi lubang cacing sekalipun.



I went through my pictures, ada lah memories in my so-called precious school. And ada these some pictures yang memang gila lah, putar balik time form 4 dulu. Sedih pun sedih jgk. Cause even though ktorg mmg 'together' as in together yg sebelah sebelah, but we were barely talk to each other.
Gedik, aku sayang kau lah. Kau tau tak tu? Tak kan? Kau tak pernah tau? You wouldn't even care whatever i think. Apa aku buat tak pernah betul, semua nya salah je. Kan? Cakap je la wei. Cium peluk kau everyday pun tak kan change anything. Aku je asyik kiss butt kau everywhere, nak puaskan hati lah katakan. Kau tak bosan ke kita always gaduh je, sejak first kenal wei. Gaduh kawan gaduh kawan, sampai bila, buah hati ku oi! Tak penat ke? Kau pun tau kan berapa byk kali dah kita gaduh. Aku tau apa yang kau nak sebenarnya, sampai sekarang kau still hoping kan pasal tu. I can see it in your eyes. Tapi consider lah orang yang depan mata kau ni. Kau ingat aku tak terasa ke segala apa yang kau buat selama ni, but aku diam je lah. Aku tak nak lah tunjuk macam aku desperate gila kan, jatuh la maruah. Aku tau kau benci aku, kau kan muak tengok muka aku. I know everything, and there's nothing you can hide from me HAHAHA sorry lah. Alasan kau selalu sama je. Bangga la sikit wei, post ni special untuk kau. Since aku dah tak cerita dah masalah aku dekat orang lain, sebab diorang pun dah muak dah dengar benda yang sama, my blog is a great listener. And I know kau pun tak kan baca kan (:
Sorry la hadiah kau macam loser sikit, but simpan je la eh. Even though kau macam nak bunuh aku ke, simpan je.

Saturday, February 20

I've once told

When people come to you, and ask for your help, you better help them. Try to find a way to solve the kind of matter. if it is that hard, at least be with them, accompany them. Make them think that you are the most unbelievable thoughtful person. Make them think that you are the kind of person they could rely on, they could count on. That is what I have been told.

Jerks are what you need to avoid. There are just many types of them. Stupid jerks, loving jerks, jerk jerks. None of them will keep you living. As the matter of fact, you could end up as a jerk if you get along with them. No offense -___-

I had enough thinking and talking about this kind of matter. And I think it is a total lame. As in lame, lamoooooe. I'll end up being a loser if I always put it in mind. Thinking of how to solve it, how to make it better, but actually I don't really have the solutions. For the past few months, I have been thinking a lot, and because I think about others too much, I barely have the time to think of myself. I need to be thought of, even though I haven't been thinking of myself for the past few months, could there be someone, who is thoughtful enough to think about me?

I need a work out. I need to work this out, my way. Yes, you can say whatever you want to say about me, but I won't give up. Now, my time has come. I control me, and I don't really need your help to tell me what is wrong and what is bad. Cause I know, I'll be bad, if I count on you. I may not forget the memories we cherish together, but that does not stop me to quit thinking about you. This is not L.O.V.E. this is L.I.F.E.

Wednesday, February 17

A holiday vacation

It has been a month
I experienced a lot of emotions
I have plenty of emotions inside me, waiting when to be expressed
I'm trying to get rid of this

- I danced like Britney
- I talked like Russel
- I behave like Adam
- I annoyed people like Ben did
- I did woof sound like Sandra when she almost get caught
- I think I am doing it right now, craps

Sorry if I did anything wrong.
Get excited when you knew your mates get bored of you
It is nice to know someone, still care about you
And i know my perfectly ones
By the way, i have not found my twelve hours, yet!

Friday, January 15


May God pleasure my hardwork and not-so-hardwork.
I am paying to much attention destroying other people's life, and I neglected mine.
I'm at school, and I wish I can go back home, and meet my family
having the time of my life, again.
I'm out this weekends, hope it will last longer

Monkey head, Huda ♥

Saturday, January 2


I am wishing you people, good luck
May God bless all of you
This may be my last post till someday-someday
I am heading back to my precious school
I may not like it, but I have to
Teachers, Wardens, Guards, Pakcik Makcik DM, Makcik Kantin
You guys wait for me
I'll be arriving soon

toodles, bloggers ♥

Friday, January 1

lets celebrate 2010

Not all of us really excited on celebrating 2010, especially those innocent victims of SPM. Though we dislike it so much, we still have to face it. That is one stage when people will say "I hate life!"

I know so much better than you do, plus I know best.

  • Don't get mad if people say you're a dumb. If you are not one, then get over it.
  • Do not rely on people who disgust you.
  • Please stop talking bad about others cause you are one of them.
  • Do not get too excited if Tom Cruise fell in love with you, cause it is the end of the world.
  • Do not go kiss everyone's butt, that is when they call you 'Sir Buttkiss'.
  • Enjoy the minutes you left, cause it ain't coming back.
  • Play hard if you want to success in something.
  • Do not act like a braniac.
  • Pleased the people around you, you're making good deeds.
  • Don't ask for others thoughts, cause they ain't that smart.
  • Do not do chicken dance when you are dancing cause it'll look weird.
  • Say your name all the time if you want to be famous.

I've sent new year wishes to all my phonemates. I f you didn't receive my wish, you are not one of them. BA-HA-HA feeling regret? I'm sorry, try harder then.

So I'm wishing you guys here,

Happy New Year everyone! Let 2010 bliss you with such enjoyments :) stick yourself as who you are, and you'll feel the blast. Muahs from Huda <3 and, sorry for the wrong doings

Cheers for our new year!