Saturday, June 19

oh dears,

I thought we hold on to 'setia kawan'.
I am done with emotions, just give me facts from now on.

Tuesday, June 15


guess, I'm shutting down

Wednesday, June 9

Monopoly me

I went through Tumblr just now.
I need inspiration from someone, or something. to let me get back on track and start to focus. Because I haven't hold nor read a book yet. It's bad, yes. But I usually get distracted, I easily distracted.

I dislike people whom hate me. I don't really interested on whatever they dislike about me, but I just can't help myself from not knowing it. And I hate people whom hate my friends.

See, I easily get distracted.

"One thing you need to focus to achive something, is, stay focus"

I'm overloaded. Need a hand (: