Tuesday, November 25

Cant Wait Movies

Robert Pattinson

Alex Pettyfer

Jake T Austin


another silly day, another boring day. at kampng, with nothing to do. here is like a HUGE house, wth more thn 20 persons in it. babies spread here and there. some crying, some laughing. you chased me, i chased you. you kicked me, i kicked you. talk and talk and talk. but still, not enough. cnt feel the fun.

okay, strt my day by woke up and solat subuh. FAMILY's jokes time. we laughed yah, we always do. it's what we do. JOKES ? huh. i clld, talked talked talked thn "recharge battery". i couldn't find the charger. tried to change simcard, like i i did with NIK. haha ;D unfortunately, all the phones seemed to be the same. searched for it for hours, still.

helped to clean up the house. pick up all the rubbish outside, arrange the chairs and tables. all of tht, sort of it. aha, anyways, we got UPAH. 10rm jee, nvm it still money. valuable, i can buy a ton of ice creams. WOW ! cleaned up myself, then started read tht 'cnt wait to finish it' novel. SOOOOO cnt wait. i really really wnt to buy a new one. PATIENT PATIENT. gt bored, shut the book, went to sleep. it was so tiring.

mum dad gone bck home, leave us here. friday they come bck pick us up. BIBIK lah, tak muat adoyy. i went to this PASAR MALAM wth Acu, by motorcycle. kinda scary, we used this 'dark myb haunted' road. omg, SHITs, all over the place haha. yuckk ! thn went back home, ONLINE ! cnt wait gile ah ;D 'hello' again, oh gosh eyoilvuo

Monday, November 24


like everyone else, people was like crazy talkng abt this 2008. in my own opinion, i thnk it went pretty well. i found my best friend, my best fakey wife, my best lesbo partner, my best class partner, my best JB soulmate, my best hangout gang, my best guy friends, my best neighbour, my best classmates, my best lover, my best everything lahh. bt i just cnt found you, whre are you in my life. iv knwn you like years, always be thre fr you. but myb you dnt realize it. you dnt care maybe. me, waiting fr you to say, YOU RE THE BEST FRIEND I HAVE EVER HAD. myb tht, or is it too much ? idk, i just need an appreciation. ting tong. who's thre ? its me. I DONT CARE. was it really meant to be ike tht ? huh, ths is crap. i dnt knw wht to post. read it thn leave. bttr rght ? aha

At Last

atlast, at last, at last. im gonna say ths over and over again. i didnt post any blog fr couple of weeks. huh ! so, heyyy INTERNET ;D Hurayy ! i spend my day wthout ths intrnt thingy by wtching v, listening to songs, and hours on phne. hahaha yayyy ! ts is kinda stupid, bt who cares.. rght ? nxt post okay, toodles ;)

Friday, November 14


1. Where do you hang your towel to dry after showering?


2. What kind of mouse pad do you have?

idk, it has so many colourful lights you knw

3. Do you brush your hair with a comb or a brush?

i used comb and brush also, sometimes lahh

4. In your opinion, who do you think is the hottest celebrity?

JOE Jonas of course, he is super HOT !

5. You have a project due tomorrow, do you use tape or glue?

both, aha

6. Chicken or pork?

i cnt eat pork, i love chicken, weee

7. By the time you get to school, is it still dark?

nope, sun just rose

8. If you had a choice to be a unicorn or mermaid which would it be?

i wnt to be a mermaid,i cn hv a beautiful tail

9. What color is your underwear?

most of them .. rainbow ! haha

10. What time does the sun usually set?

7 ?

11. What/who do you think of last before you go to sleep?

everything tht hppnd on tht day

12. AC or fan?

AC of cs

13. Do you wear braces?

my friend does, i wnt to bt idk haha

14. Can you do a hand stand?

i cnt. i tried bt i failed haha

15. If you were the opposite sex, how would you style your hair?

idk, like spiky or sthg

16. What level English are you in?

i cnt speak English, poor me

17. Jessica Simpson or Alba?

both, they are two HOTTY superstar

18. Which subject is worse, English or Math?

both, huh ;D

19. What's one thing you really want to do this very moment?

meet my friends of cs

20. What movie are you embarrassed to admit you've watched

????? none i guess

21. CD player or iPOD?

ipod myb, i hate CDs

22. Would you rather spin upside down going 30 miles or drop 400 ft. into water?

400 ft. into water of course ;DD

23. Whats your favorite shape?

heart shape, i like drawing it

24. What do you have planned for the weekend?

hang out wth my friends

25. Have you ever gone ice skating?

past few years, i suck at it

26. If you were put in a room with nothing except for a pencil and paper, what would you do?

i write name, or sthg in my mind. wtv idk

27. Is it always easy finding your remote every time you want to watch TV?

like, yahh

28. How was your day?

BORING, puhh

29. Do you grow your nails, bite or cut them?

i grow thm, thn i cut thm wth nailclipper

30. Describe your handwriting:

like scratchy on stone aha, my mum likes my handwriting. weeee

I Tag : ZAF for this survey ;P

Wednesday, November 12

Little Kindergarten Kids

look, they enjoy wtching this. see, i told you

Little Einsteins

LITTLE EINSTEINS! Pictures, Images and Photos

i hv nthg to post, i saw my brother wtching it, so i just post it. its LAMEEE, i knw. but, it's my blog, so who cares. thre are people who love wtching it. like my brother duhhh he's 7 fgs, of cs haha

let me type sthg abt this Little brainiacs,
thre are four of thm, one name Leo, thn June, anothr one is Quincy lastly Annie. It's a television series on Playhouse Disney. always travel to somewhre or save sthg along wth their intelligent whtever they cll 'Rocket'. and of cs, they travel wth music, i mean it, all episodes. their advetures cant cmplete whtout it. they are cute little kindergarten kids. at the end, they will do ths curtain call. okay, i dnt knw wht to say anymore. just watch thn you knw it. discover it yourself, you will get to it.


act thre's nthg to do wth glasses. like everyone, im bored. WE bored, nthg to do on ths holiday. GUYS, plan sthg, our out-ing. im begging here !

okay, tday i woke up, not tht late. chxd my phne, msgs frm JOE, i didnt rply it cs i thght he was busy or sthg. my sisters were dancing dwnstairs, they were like gorillas haha. listening to hsm3 soundtracks, im tlling you ths, they are silly.

abt 1.30, me Ftyn and Faisal went to JUSCO. went thre to buy someone sthg. thn we wtchd ths video cll 'Hot Rod', in Faisal's phne. they are HELL funny aha. went bck home at 6 or sthg. cnt wait to onlne, chcking updates bla and bla and bla. nthg much hppn tday. thre you go. p/s; my sister wants to be a cow now, she chngd her mind, OH GOD ! :D

Tuesday, November 11


whre we connected, whre we can talk and laugh. eventho we hv to type it. still means A LOT ! we cnt turn bck time, not tht smart to built one. if i had a wish, i wish to turn bck time, so tht i can chnge everythg, my mistakes my wrongs. EVERYTHING lahh. haha but it wont hppn, cs past is passd. and future is ahead. at tht point, is whre we should score the goal. wth someone to guide you, you score PERFECTLY. sorry, if you dnt undrstand, this is the way i write. hah just read, it will be an honour. grammar errors fr sure. im still learning haha ;D tht's all, craps along the way

Sunday, November 9

Green A Lot

i hate you and the one beside you and also the one nxt to you. im a human being, human do mistakes. it's like a routine to us, mistakes everyday. and you knw tht, treat me well please. no one's prfct, include you. and stop making fun of someone else. i thnk tht is rude. im a jerk, like you're not ? huh yah rght. seriously, i hate yr words. just shut it, or a slap perhaps

Farewell Amir

he's going, to Johor. i thnk i said it like thousnds time, but it's true, we're going to MISS you, Amirrr. aha, so many experiences, so much memories. things tht we could never frgt. Thanks fr being the best friend ever, and do keep in cntct okay ;) i owe you a lot, esp at the pool dkt WaterWorld. haha if you were not thre, im dead i think. thnks again. you drove us, here and thre. watchd scary movies, playd games, these are things tht we could not frgt and we really gonna miss all of tht. we LOVE you Amir, bt as afriend lah adoyy ;D frgt me not, tll us if you're here. hangout sometimes aha take care okay ;)


Plates To All

yesterday, we had our CLASS PARTY at midvalley. it was fun yahh, bt in the end everyone was saying goodbye. a little bit touchd i guess. bt it was an awesome day with you guys, 3 Optimis are the best period ! we went to bowling, thn ate our lunch at dominos. no words can describe wht hppnd yesterday, seriously im soooo gonna miss you guys. as usual, i hv to shortn it, let me just point it out ;)

- ftyn, you really rock at bowl, you beatd the teacher yah !
- screaming lyk monkeys when we rolld the ball aha
- holding, bt lapek jaket 'Ulwan, major OhMyGod
- we took pictures at dominos, and gv some speechs to ckg Azim, Thank You ;)
- shop the top wth ftyn, zaf, amir and the othr two guys
- too much drama, my teardrops blaming myself
- waved GOODBYE to all my friends
- gt Amir a frame, put our pictures thre okay ?
- KTM freaking me out
- flying kisses to Amir, he is moving to Johor ;( byebye
- sporting taxi driver aha , thnk God
- took pictures again whn arrivd
- hugs to all, iloveyou guys !



End of School

gosh, im sick aha. sneeze all the way. but it was fun. we took a lot of pictures, wth someone we dnt even knw also. haha bt nevermind, it was our lst day thre, we were really enjoy every bits of it. im SOOO gonna miss all of you. my new friends, syaza, amira hamizah, adlina, aqilah, shakira ;)) weee to all. forget me not, guys.

Thursday, November 6

Right Here, Right Now

Can you imagine?
What would happen?
If we could have any dream
I wish this moment
Was ours to own it
And that it would never leave
Then I would thank that star
That made our wish come true
Cause he knows that where you are
Is where I should be too

Right here, right now
I’m looking at you and my heart loves the view
Cause you mean everything

Right here, I’ll promise you somehow
That tomorrow can wait for some other day to be
But right now there’s you and me

this song like stuck in my head, HSM3 soundtrack


November 5, is the most awesome day of this month. We went to Malacca, trip for form 3. The number 9, incredible 9 person, you guys seriously rock my world. Thanks a lot ;) were suppose to be 12 of us, I guess. Shaz, Syaza and Aqilah. Haha yah Nik, Dec ade lg, sunway baby ! maybe lah aha. Lots to tell, I better just point everything out.

illegal to forget
- been attacked by those vibrating "gorillas"
- elephant, 50 years old. tough one
- frst time, i touchd snake, the yellow one. thy clld it Pythons ?
- birds show, seriously they can sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY
- bumpa slide, haha terrifying and fun, i tll you
- 5th floor slide, oh gosh, my ass hurts. Ouch !
- Fatyn, got over her fear, HEIGHTS. fun kan ? hah
- cool river and drowning in the waves, huh thnk God im safe
- the laugh of 9 of us ;) wee ily

p/s; thanks to amir, saving my life. i owe you a lot
sins; aha sorry


Tuesday, November 4


yah, as always, we laughd. ths time louder aha. we plyd uno cards, huh tiring, hard to achieve "UNO GAME" haha. then teachers invitd ths PTPL, thy were freaking boring .. aha. im telling you, sooo damn boring. thre is ths one game, we hv to continue the stry tht he gv. agak bodoh kot, after PMR fgs, fr me, i dnt wnt to use my brain anymore aha ;D then we plyed ths twisted tongue. ths one, bestt ! ftyn, omg. she ws lyk so blur. she hd to rmmbr ths unique words "ACIKADEWA DEKADEKU CICHINA MIPOLIPOLI WAKUDU" aha twisting huh ? serious funny, me nik zaf amira syaza adlina and aqilah were laughing lyk HELL. hah thts all i guess. tmrw, i cnt wait. MELAKA is waiting fr me, i'll be thre. aha

Sunday, November 2


After what we have experienced, those up and downs. Things that we never expect come and ruin everything. Lies, is the most famous words that we usually heard. And I said it again; it is hard to trust on someone. The sparkly stars told me to be who I am, and never let anyone that cares about you, disappointed. We always wish that we can be someone else, better than ourselves. To let you know, I felt love before. But not that truly love or whatever people always want. I can't differentiate LOVE and LIKE. Oh god, so confuse. But hey, once I said I LOVE YOU, I am loving you. Thanks to you, I smile back, from ear to ear. J ;D

Bitchy Cyrus


He is denying everything she said. Look at her, we all can see the changes. She turns from sweet little Miley to a loser bitchy Miley. She is 15, fgs, act like it okay.

In an exclusive interview with BRAVO, Nick finally shows his true feelings. “I am really very disappointed Miley. I can not find good, that she look for it publicly, make dust. The song and her behavior makes me really sad,” Nick whispers.

Easy to understand, since there was such a vow of silence. “We promised at that time that the relationship was just a thing between us and that nobody rested. Nobody should get to know about our love. … And now this!”. Nick is appalled. Every time he hears the song of Miley, there is a dark shadow on his face. “I never would have thought about it. But fortunately I have my brothers, Joe and Kevin. They help me to absorb all the history,” said he.

And many things are safe: the adjustment of public accounts Miley has left deep wounds in what was a close friendship between the two. “The relationship between the two is OK. Not much, much less,” said Miley porfiadamente. Nick, however, seeks to save, which is to save. “I take care to keep my friendship with Miley. It is important to me - despite our break. We join many things. I do not want to relinquish that. I just want, we understand well again.”

USA magazine


Nothing much to describe today. Resting all parts of the body. Comfortable on wherever I sat. Sounds of TV and the vibration of cell phone keep my eyes open wide. Talking nonsense, a lot. Joy my day with the new songs, JONAS BROTHERS. Eat, eat, eat then puke. Oh gosh, disgusting. There you go, what a boring NOVEMBER.