Wednesday, December 31

worth a thousand words !


and to all of PMR students. and especially, to my buddy peeps :) congratulations guys *congrats congrats congrats. nothing more i can say. it is a very famous word, and you bet me, in every single talking, it would be a "congratulations". it is good though, to be back at school :) it has been a while, the scent, the view *not that i miss it so much aha :P everyone was cheering, and jumping, and crying- tears of joy. for me, it was SOOOO unexpected. nothing can describe what was my feeling when the teacher handed me the slip. SCREAMING, YAY-ING, CRYING, HUGGING, SQUEEZING ...
*much more than that

and plus, we beat the old record. increase four more straight A's. thank you

first p/s; banana cake and kuetiaw are enough for our happy happy day meal

second p/s; experting ball though, rebut rebut :P aha

third p/s; calling, texting, vibrating, sounds- "congratulations"

forth p/s; garbage helped us to chill

fifth p/s; goal or method ? which one is the most important ? *figure it out yourself

sixth p/s; the bestest day of my life ! like, my year. like, wtv

seventh p/s; SUJUD SYUKUR :D remember that ! wawawa

Monday, December 29

pray for happiness

tomorrow. tomorrow. tomorrow.

all form 3 students are going to receive it. one of the memoriable slip in our life. it'll hand in our hands, we hold it tight. not to look at it, forcing

nothing can stop the time now, the clock is ticking, the time is running. hour every hour, minute every minute, second every second. to many up-and-down emotions here, torturing me to describe it well. tears or no tears, it'll end up the way it stated. live in the fate, fairly

my buddies; i know you guys can achieve those bunchy eight As. and i pray, every single minute. mentionining your names. not hard for me though. and i'll keep praying, for us together, bring a very big smile, home. cheering every one :)

pray for me too,

horrifying words

i opened my eyes, sun already rose. and 0830 to make it clearer. i dreamt something last night, combination of friends and twilight saga. since that is my addiction right now. i think i'll see you guys tomorrow, big smile or fully tears- who mind ? im shaking, shivering, not that im cold, im scared. what is it going to be- tomorrow ? will i satisfy everyone, more important. ME.

i skip this thing for a moment, before it blow up my head. a new book, a new chapter, a new word and a new thought. i am eager to know what is going to happen ? how is the happy ending going to be ? or myb, there will be no happy ending ? pfft, love story is interesting. im not mentioning about the song, duhh. LOVE STORY by Taylor Swift- oh this song is nice though. ok, c'mon. enough for the song. im mentioning about this spellbinding romantic epic, it torture me for GOOD :P

i laughed when they traded the line "till death do us apart", like, they are not going to die. well, vampire to be more appropriate. and this thing, well life never teaches me that this creatures exist. unless, hantu raya, pocong or pontianak. they are freaking scary, but when it comes to vampire; im thinking Robert as known as Edward, how beautiful he is. ok, im crapping my words about Twilight Saga right now. but really, who cares about it ? i owe you your eyes and a click- is that count ?

a year pass, with just a blink. it was gone. without noticing it, i am crawling to a new year. a year that i cant figure out what will it be. tomorrow will decide me where i am heading to, and it really do tear my head off. hopefully, i'll bring my tear-of-joy home, greetings the members of my house :)

p/s; i change my thought a bit about Jake. and i cant wait for the baby to born- beautiful

another p/s; HAPPY NEW YEAR, may this year be the best year that you have ever had :)

Sunday, December 28

with a flash

i am one of everyone. we got the same interest, and yea Stephenie's books are what iv been telling you. like all of my friends are into this hot-hotty Edward and glorious Bella. i love to read, and these books really open my eyes to the other world- vampire world. on my way, complete reading Eclipse. and i really enjoy everything that this book bring me to.

i just cant stop reading it, everywhere i go, i bring these books along with me. like, my boring partner. Nik said once, it hypnotized. yeah, it really do hypnotize me- still.

i am more into fantasy world right now, cant really figure what the facts that have happened around me. it bring me to the world in the book. like, im there. watching every step and every move they did. listen to every words they speak. my head is positively in there, watching all the scene, while my eyes are reading it. imagining is legal, isn't it ? and i do love to imagine. it is easy cause i already watched the first movie though, it does help- help me imagine. where they are, how is their faces look like, their characters, their speaking tune. this is what iv been thinking lately, the story aha.

and of course, i wish my life could be like in the book. you know the happy ending, you know who is going to protect you when a monster come and hurt you, your love one is the most precious thing you have ever seen. kinda cool, and it fascinate me :) everyone do wish that kind of thing will happen, and i bet you, no one wants the opposite.

im not moving Harry Potter anywhere, they are here, still, i love Stephenie's the most. i'll be back for them when i finish reading this all mysterious, romantic, awesome books. and p/s; i do not like Jacob Black, he is really annoying though. stop breaking people relationship. aha

life approach me

im out of town for a couple of days. you dont have to know where i went. and of course, i missed a lot of things here- written in this Blogger. well, im creeping slowly. read it, one by one, word by word, line by line. i can catch up, you dont have to worry- who's worrying ? LOL. that place is quite facsinating, exclude the hotel, pfft. i dont really like it *la la la la.

im home, texting Nik. i miss you guys so damn much- anything to make it clearer ? so, the plan skipped to Wed, no worries. two of us, im going, no matter what. aha- cancel padan muka :D cant wait babe ! ok ok, im increasing my blog post. so, Toodles for this one :P

Wednesday, December 24

I am what I am

Mostly I do this in bathroom- thinking. People always say that they know me, very well indeed. But actually, there are so many things that are hidden here in me, and no one knows that. I, myself don’t know me very well, I tried hardly to figure out who am I. Tend to do everything to find out what am I good at, what my future going to be, what really am I dream of, but I couldn't found the answers yet.

So long I have been waiting for that to come. Show me what is important. Show me the real world I'm facing through. Show me the obstacles outside the door. Show me everything what life has been teaching me. Unsurprisingly, there is no show, nothing. I don’t really understand yet, I don’t want to face the adulthood, the marriage, the getting-old time and of course, I don’t want to die yet. Many things, just too many things that I need to discover, I need to learn, I need to understand. I am a teenager now, teenager has their own curiosity, and our emotions are curious to find the right type. The right time to show what inside here, but it couldn't figure out yet. Sometimes we act weird, sometimes we act like we know everything, sometimes we want everything to be in our way, but actually, what we want can cause trouble.

The main is there is no one, the perfect one that we can share with. Our thoughts, our interests, our feelings, no one. But gladly, I got family and friends, even though they don't know everything in here want to say but at least they are there, happy or sad, hot or cold, joy or disappoint, like, no matter what, they are there, cheering me up  and people can lie, right ? mostly by Myspace, seriously, you thought they are beautiful, nice or everything but you don't know, maybe he or she is not the picture, he or she pretend they are nice, he or she fake that they like you. You don't know, aren't you? Yeah, we can't blame them; they have their own rights to lie, to fake, and to pretend.

But maybe by posting blog, by reading your writing, it will, a little bit, showing who you are. *laughing. Then, I'll blog everyday, for you to know me better. Something I wrote is not important, to you. But to me, it means a lot.

Incredibly Nothing

sorry for the late post- lol, like people care. ok, i was not in the mood of writing or posting anything write now. since im enjoying my new book- New Moon got it already :) i bought three of them with 20% discount, aha.

ok, today was nothing much to say about. i went to klcc with my family- skip my dad, he's working. went to kinokuniya, bought books then we decided to have a cup of tea. mom suggested to drink at this Tea- wtv cafe, i dont knw the name, we searched for it, up down left right here and there. but it was a NO, like there is no Tea- wtv cafe here in klcc, duhh. lastly, Dome is the perfect choice. drink, eat. and by the way, we bought cupcakes at Baskin' Boys. unfortunately, the icing flew away, gone, burst out of nowhere. hmm, no cupcakes for today- i mean just icing :P

went back home around 6.30, arrived home. gosh, im tired. i kept my energy for the new books, aha. read it, baru chapter 3 lol. im such a snail, literally- i mean it :D now here i am, writing this crappy entry, posting in my blog, for public to read it and me too. Toodles, i think*

Monday, December 22


டாஷ்போர்டு, guess what is it !

*shortest, yeah !


ok, you know what, i changed my language to BM- dashboard. aha, CATATAN TERBARU ! weeee gonna stick with this one :P Opsyen ? never knw this word before, lol so much abt BM. back to the headline, i want to be a scientist, a very cool one. with a lot of money and ideas *wish that will happen. here's the thing, i was downstairs with my kiddos- siblings, we were eating. APPLES ! aha

ok ok, we're drinking orange juice. since i miss my Science so much, i wanted to do some experiments, or myb just one. i asked my mum, if we put the colouring- fr cooking in the water, can we drink it ? and she said yes. so, we took all of it. BLUE, GREEN, RED, YELLOW *colourful. added into the orange juice, stir it and wallahh ! it changd colour. from orange to *wtv clour you put in. lol, plus, our teeth chngd colour too :P perfect !

now, how to clear all the colours here, take a toothbrush, yr own toothbrush. and brush yr teeth. all gone, back to normal, white, shiny as it use to be aha :D see, im GOOD, you should try it. next one, i wnt my Chicken Soup to be Blue Chicken Soup. ha ha ?

by the way btw, going to change it Tamil lah, easy huh ? :D


Fatin Liyana
1) She's damn pretty, plus her face kinda mix chinese
2) we're twins, act we're married. kan babe ? aha
3) if she talk, it'll be a non-stop talk. like, blablablabla *no fullstop
4) She's a braniac, smart i tll you
5) we have a lot in common *twins huh ? aha
6) a very sensitive one. once you hurt her, thre'll be no apologizing
7) she's not cruel, dnt get me wrong :) so sweet, so nice
8) you love Joe kan ? aha but she loves me first :P
9) we're like meant to be together, as a life partner lah *not literally
10) she needs glasses, so much ! aha


my phone's battery is low, and im so tired to get my butt off this chair. like, it pop out "titt titt, low battery" ah, nvm such a lazy- mazy. ??. ok, what to talk about ? *thinking ... wait ... sthg's here ... it's coming ... huh NO , i got nthg. lol, that is really weird ! :P

let me start. yesterday. i went to JUSCO for Back-To-School shopping. act, i just bought two pair of socks, that's all. i'll buy mine later, *mind; holiday holiday holiday, even though it's boring. one more thing, i bought Twilight, not the movie lol, the CD ! :D aha *fake cd. gosh, im so cruel. i watched it last night, ok lah. not that blur, and no hands or people yg jalan jalan tu. overall, one thumb up, just one :)

what more ? Twilight Saga just got in stock yesterday. Yayy ! im going to buy it *laugh out loud. and and and, im still reading this Harry Potter and at page 57+23x12/3x47-1= answer it, i know you can do it ! haha

i write craps, cs i gt nthg to write. blog is for fun right ? haaaa, i am SOOO right *peace

tag again by Nik :)

7 random facts about me
# Characteristic: they say im really good in laughing and screaming
# Gender: female, lol *no need proving eyes though :D
# Language: Malay and English, both. i learned Arab, and Spanish *internet helps alot
# Interest: so many to list it, music at the top !
# Favourite colours: i like blue, when it comes to black, gt to mix it wth other colour, now it's a yes
# Favourite subjects: i intend to know everything, tht's why i enjoy science. plus, i love calculation
# Life ambition: anything that allows to travel the world. doctor is the second one

My appearance
# Height: lol, this is sensitive. 15++
# Eye colour: black maybe, pfft ?
# Eye colour you want: yea blue ! yellow gold-ish is kinda beautiful *Edward
# Hair colour: Black *nik said so. aha but not pure black
# Hair colour you want: i'll go for red-ish colour, not to red tq :D
# Glasses or contacts: i want to wear glasses, but they said tht i have a vry powerful eyes *no superpowers !
# Do you wear make up: just powders, no lipstick myb lip balm. aha, see my lips, you'll know why
# Hair extension: no need
# Ever paint fingernails: once, with glitters ! aha *not praying

In the opposite gender
# What colour eyes: pure blue :) gorgeous !
# What colour hair: brown-ish, wtv i dnt mind
# Shy/outgoing/smart: outgoing and smart, shy ? depends
# Sexy/handsome: HOTTTTT !
# Serious or fun: i prefer fun. the one tht can makes me laugh till tears burst out
# Age: same age, or one year older
# A turn on: gorgeous smile :)
# A turn off: liars, God hate it

This or that game
# Flowers or chocolates: chocolates ! flowers ? not really into it
# Pepsi or coke: ice lemon tea is much bttr, kan ftyn ? aha
# Rap/rock/slow music: slow is nice
# Relationship or one night stand: relationship, i pick this one
# Love or money: both are priceless

# Movie: agree with Nik, Twilight still the best
# Singer: currently into Vanessa, but i like Drew's voice
# Food: cupcakes is my fav and anything that needs blackpepper gravy *yum lol
# Country: anywhere, i love World
# Animal: Rabbits are cute :) i had 8 of them *heading to heaven
# Scent: i use Silky powder, dnt usually wear perfumes
# Song: lots of them, how many times ? i cnt list all of them here, duhhhh

Tag some peeps
# Diyanah
# Boi

Sunday, December 21

Lets Jump, No Dance

im wearing long green jeans-like skirt ;) very beautiful ? not really :D i went to a kenduri at Suadamai, lol i didn't saw you pun, Qila aha. and another one, posting abt my boredness level, it's increasing man ! HELLLLPPPP here ? *weird face. im bored, people. im. bored. fullstop. i said stop. prghhh. you can see how bored i am, right ?

i want to jump, like jumping to the sky *literally. by the way btw, i went jogging with my friends this morning, act, it's SOOOOO not jogging, walking is much bttr :D lol, miss you guys like HELLLLLL ! sadly, nik zaf and shaz couldn't join us. i think im gonna end this here, BOOOOOORINGGGG

spell it with me ! give me a B, give me a O, give me a R, give me a I, give me a N, then give me a G. what does it spell ? BORING ! yayy, good one :P

one more btw, Aqilah, im sorry i cnt make it to yr party ? you had a blast aite ? so SORRY !

Saturday, December 20

ABC 3rm

i woke up early today, 8.30 (wow ! what an early rise) haha ;D i slept with my Ma yesterday, so mcm bgn awl lahh. then i went downstairs, greet my aunt and grandma ape sume, i switched on the fan, fetch a pillow, and continued lay down my head. and my mum was like, "kaklong, bgn nak pg dentist" i was like, "wait la Ma" and my mum, again, was like "bgn mandi, cepatlah !" hahaha mummy-daughter conversation.

okay, i bathed, tidy up myself, wore clothes and all of that. then went out. my mum started th engine and we headed to Suadamai's dentist. got two of them, Klinik Pergigian Azizah and Klinik Pergigian Ikhlas. i went to the Azizah's first, wait wait wait .. and the nurse said, appointment on Monday, so we cancelled it cs my mom is working on tht day *lol, WEEKDAYS ! she gave me the card, written thre, 'Mejar(B)' kire, dentist askar la. blink blink *nt my teeth jd mcm soldier's pny plk, GOD aha.

get back into the car, headed to the other one. IKHLAS ;) this one also, fully book. my mum made an appointment, Monday at 6. so guys, klu na hangout Monday, bfore 6 lah, haha. End of story abt Teeth, we went to Sari-Dee *act, Ros Sari. beli lauk and ordered ABC 3rm. i went to the Waffle booth to buy some. my mum came to me and said "skt je ABC ni, dah la 3rm" lol, IT IS. and she said "baik beli dkt Cendol Stall dpn tu" haha srsly, it's like, she bought 1rm pack of ABC

ok, after those foods and teeth stuff, we went back home. huh, what a FOOD-Y TEETH-Y day- with my mum ;P nthg much for half of the day. tht's all

Nik and Aqilah, go go go ?

*Sesiapa yang kena tag, kena tulis 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang meng'tag' dia.

1. Aqilah selalu dtg sekolah awl
2. Aqilah, she's a prefect at our school, goooood one
3. Aqilah is a very small tiny little girl, bttr than ants ;D
4. Aqilah can laugh very big and very loud and very funny
5. Aqilah's mum is the Art teacher at her and my school
6. Aqilah has a sister, and her sister is my sister's friend. - Alya Haziqah er ?
7. Aqilah can draw, she's really GOOOOOD at it *keturunan
8. Aqilah suka ckp ckp, tp org tak phm pun ap die ckp, so die kene stop ckp and ckp balik ap die ckp ;P get it ?
9. Aqilah klu die jalan, laju gile. kalah bas !
10. Aqilah ade bf ? lol, kaaaaaaannnn ? ;D

Nik Deanna
2. She talks a lot, like A LOT haha- cnt stop talking
3. has boyf, and of cs she's in love
4. Nik is SOOOOO good in writing, check out her blog
5. You hate purple kan Nik ? haha PRS is why
6. Wears braces, still adorable
7. Nik is my class partner, we laugh very loud kan ?
8. Her second name is Marina *Cikgu Ridzuan lol,
9. We hate (proa) kan Nik ? haha

*Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 perkara sesuatu pasal diri mereka.

1. im not that short, not that tall. ok lahh
2. i love to shop, clothes mostly
3. i bake Muffins all the time, kitchen is my best place
4. my siblings are crazy like monkeys *monkey's noise
5. i hv my own bedroom, and it's GREEN !
6. *CURRENTLY, i hate texting. not in the mood of clicking those numbers
7. i have a GAP, lol gompong ni *gap gap gap
8. i have friends, they are SUPER *no superpowers
9. History, i just DONT LIKE this subj *but hopefully, i gt A aha
10. i love books, and reading it

*At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. Diyanah
2. Fatin Liyana
3. Nik Deanna
4. Zafirah
5. Liyana
6. Aqilah- dudeeee man
7. Amir Faisal
8. Amir Asyraaf
9. Syaza
10. Shazrul

Friday, December 19


One irrelevant, stupidly headline here. My eyes are open wide, reading this Harry Potter. It goes more to adventure, killing people using magic. Other than Twilight, this one, they hunt people. More to romance, and loooooove. I'm trying to avoid myself by writing craps, but I couldn't think of anything to write now. And today, again, I baked. Muffins, yeah! Not that yummy. Back to the book, I'm at page 200-76+34x65/12 = got the answer? Okay, *pfft- ing again.

My grandma is here, plus the aunt and the uncle and also my cousins. I supposed to go to mcd with dyn today, but I can't. They are here and all of that. Oh God, this is BORING. I'm sorry if I'm writing this shitty craps here. Like, this is a total CRAP. *merapu merapu merapu. Going to end it here, toodles. by the way, i want to watch Twilight ;D

p/s; we'll receive our result at 27th okay, not this Monday. Lol, buat cuak jee

Thursday, December 18

MySpace- er

im listening to a lot of songs now, cant list all of it here, it's a waste *evil laugh- freak. okay, first of all, MySpace is boring. no wonder Syaza deleted her acc, i want to, but the time doesn't come yet. maybe this end of year- hope so. im chatting with fatin and Diyanah. puhh long time no see girl ! next door pon susah na jumpe. we were busy, yah lots of stuffs to be done :D okay again, i was online- ing my MySpace, checking people's page, their photos- and people comments, eventhough they hide it. but heyy, just when it is important, by the way, people do that too- ALWAYS !

so, i stopped by at He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name page, i went through his comments and friends, all of that usual stuffs *it has been awhile, aren't we huh ? *big smile. then i give it a shot, try to look at his picture- it scares me for the first time. there's a picture of him, lip-to-lip with this creature- you know it, oh just shut it. it is disgusting, man ! im not being busybody, just HELLO it's MySpace, everyone can see it, urghh

i threw my disgusting- ess off me, and went to other's page. good good good, then, BAMMMMM. one more eww- ness came, this one is a total, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name showing her boops, here imean there, in mySpace. like, ewwwwwwwwwwww. come on, you dont have to show your pointy boops to people, that's embarassing *eww-ing haha. people really do not care about their dignity. seems that, they dont care POOP up their privacy thingy.

our generation is getting poor- er and poor- er all the time. including me yah *but i dnt show mine to people, GOD. thanks to God again, i dont get along with this people and i born in a polite and have-dignity family. aha, MySpace HAUNTED by this people

&&& before that, i want someone, please please tell me when is the result is out. i really need a time to prepare before receiving it. again, *praying, please give me that EIGHT, and to my friends too. PRETTY PLEASE ? :P

SeaShells BANG Me

so, as you all know, im not at home. but now dah balik lah. went to kampung then pg mandi laut and all of that *okay, scratch that. PD was okay, fun ? um, a bit. swimming pool, sea, eat, watch tv. what else ? the story is, my dad had some stuffs thre, and of course, we came too ;) and we collected this seashells, but we didnt bring it back home. poor them, they wanna live too, in their Sweet Salty Home. man ! what more ? srs, *blank talking abt PD ;P


it really do BANG BOOM me up


got another one, my tooth, PECAH ! like, prkprkrprkrk ;D so now people, i have a GAP, gosh i have a gap. like, i cnt smile, i cnt talk that loud- or else it show. embarassing ? yah, a bit. no ! A LOT

Home Sweet Home

hurray, im BACK. like, in the house went upstairs, not to waste my time, turn on computer. ohh, how i miss you guys so much *computer and friends ;) haha. im out of town, went to Port Dickson. yah, it was great, but i miss my home. humm short entry for now ;)

Sunday, December 14

Weird Cool Cars' Names

I'm not obsessed with cars, to let you know. Just my brother, he loves that tiny little cars and play them with the sound of 'Vrooom Vrooom'. So, I was like, "Imi, what are you doing?" well, the cars were in front of me, what else should I do, of course I flipped it. Pfft.

Here is the weird part, their names. The names are at the bottom of the car- not the butt. These things made me laugh like hell; WHIP CREAMER, BONE SHAKER, PONY-UP, BALLISTIK and and NO MATTER WHAT ? seriously,it calls NO MATTER WHAT. How crazy is that. It's Hot Wheels, for god's sake. Is that the best you can come up with? *laugh out loud

I'm not posting this as a car addict. I'm a girl, for crying out loud, and girls DO NOT repeat after me, DO NOT play cars *maybe some of them did. The designs are .. well, not bad though, Hot Wheels right ? Don’t get me wrong, I'm not making fun of this little human-creatures, people can give their comments, can we?


yestrday, i saw Ning Baizura at Aigner with her lovey-dovey husband haha *not that excited

and J, im breaking the rules. close your eyes, one of the ways

im on the way with Harry Potter Deadly Hallows since those vampire's books are out of stock

thank you ;)

Saturday, December 13

Hard To Breath

people ! i would like to announce that today IM SICK, like BAAAAAAADDD sick-o ! aha ;D ok, i went to klcc, cs Nik told me tht all the Twilight series tu da arrived at Kinokuniya. unfortunately, again, it didnt. i have to wait after christmas, so, people that are hunting for this Stephenie Meyer's-sold-out book, you can buy them at Kinokuniya- after christmas tq ;)

so, my mum made a reservation. i reserved all those 3 books,cs i already bought the first one. haha ok, and im sick, again *gasping for air. REALLY, i felt so tired, like i wanted to faint. huhh, thank God i didnt. we ate at Manhattan Fish Market, i was not-in-the-mood for eating, but i still ate- a bit *this one, i felt like i wanna PUKE. fgs, i ordered hot chocolate- eating FISH ? ;D silly me

then, my dad wanted to buy a tux, or coat, or jacket .. huh idk, something like that *still gasping for air. we walked walked walked, and im tired haha, i need to sit, and every shop mesti ade chair or sofa. so, not to waste my energy, i SIT a lot today. pfft ;P reached home about 6.20, i straight headed to my comfy sofa and rest my head

that's all for today crapping post. *smile

Friday, December 12

Thanks Haziq xP

here is me, sitting on this beautiful yellow chair, infront of the computer. having my breakfast with a slice of cake we baked yesterday *we as in me and my mom. as usual, turn on iTunes, MySpace and chx people page. On Blogger, discover people's blog. me, writing a new entry. it's my daily routine. i do it every single day. because i dont have anything to read, i spend half of my day here. with phone besides me. all these communication gadgets are just perfect infront of my eyes. pfft, holiday is not that sucks huh ?


and today is Friday, piano class this evening. it's out of stock, the supplier, i need to borrow it from someone. how about Nik ?! haha jk. TV downstairs, waiting for me. i got to go, i dont want TV feels bad aha ;D tata for now ! Too Emotional

by the way, check out Haziq's blog. he is a good writer ;) thank you man ! *he rules the world ? maybe lahh haha

Thursday, December 11

What I Want ...

this is the lists of evrything that i want. are incredibe to achieve or done it or accomplish it or .. wtv. it's a miracle if this things do come true. check it out

1) I want it to be exactly like it
2) I want something that can dissapear these poops- like in Envy ;D
3) I want a thousand dollar tht only can be spend on clothessss
4) I want my love story be exactly like in Twilight
5) I want the time to stop so that i dont have to take my PMR result
6) I want to be in a movie, be famous and all of that
7) I want a car right this instane- my own car and i can drive it ;)
8) I want a cinema here in my house so tht i dnt hv to go to TGV to watch movie
9) I want my body parts to talk so they could stop me frm doing bad things- or a sign perhaps
0) I want a hundred or more wishes to make all my wishes come true

a girl can wish, can we ? just wishes, maybe miracle could happen

Sneezzy- midnight

this sneezzy- midnight came again last night. i hd a hard time closing this sleepy eyes. oh SHITT, Hacuuumm Hacuuumm ! ;P it was a pain, the whole thing was covered with the boogars, eww i guess. usually, i read if i cnt sleep, unfortunately, i got nthg to read last night. i played UNO with my sisters. Haaahhh, Sisiters, they are my laughing partners ;D

we played with the very hush- est tone *not that hush- est act. called, UNO SPEED, like, speed speed speed speed you dont need to knw how to play it. but it was fun though


after awhile, baru boleh tido. huuhh, what a relief ;) and i woke up late today, 10.30 ! haha pfft me. im watching Nickelodeon right now, it's fascinating for sure


im bored, doing videos with my Giddy Sisters ;D uncomfortable hands just not-in-the mood to write such stuffs. SO LOOOOOOOOOOONG !

by the way

ftyn, i found this one cute thing. i'll tll you more whn we meet, haha
Toodles ;)

Wednesday, December 10


finished my Twilight today, again again and again reading it. im really in the mood of love story right now haha ;D jk. well, you can see or watch how romantic they were- in the movie lahh. serious, i want to watch it, how edward saved Bella from the van, how's she knw tht Edward was a vampire *???- ish. im getting crazy and crazier ! like, addicted to this Stephenie Meyers' vampire series

*the most epic romance since Titanic

as usual, increasing my blogger's post ;) kinda boring. well people knw it already

Monday, December 8

AidilAdha's gifts

i woke up not that late today, went to sembahyang raya and all of that. im wearing my one-and-only blue JUBAH, *still wearing it. as you all knw (act, you dnt knw) i ate a lot today, mcm survivor yg lost in pulau seminggu tak mkn ! haha. soto, spaghetti, meehun sup, cakes (i baked it myself) haha they all loved it, *thank God. and i ate rendang, daging korban, etc etc YUMMM ! ;P

like, everyone tht live at this area came to my house for this KENDURI KORBAN . and im SOOOO sorry nik cs i didnt rply yr msg, runs out power. our hangout-at-Nik was cancelled, humm ;( nvm, we go out sometimes.

fyi, i dnt knw wht to write anymore.
*im watching CAMP ROCK ;) Jonases are freakin' HOT !
ears currently listening to Vulnerable , and i got a necklace fr my AidilAdha's gift- mom gv it

btw, HAPPY RAYA AIDILADHA to all ! and to cows too

Sunday, December 7


cows there, outside the house. six of them, if im not mistaken. HATE to say this, but POOR ;( cows. they're going to be our meal for tmrw HARI RAYA.

talking abt raya, my mom made this game, idk wht is it call. macam changing hadiah, yg tuka tuka hadiah. something like that lah ;D aha. gt someone's name, cnt tll anyone. the problem is .. i dnt knw wht to buy. it's hard i tll you. pray for this damn present

*Holiday teaches me new things ;) i learned a lot. three things that this holiday taught me the most; School is FUN !, Bored sickness can be cure by meeting friends, third one, let me think .. ok im still thinking. unfortunately, i cnt found the answer (act i did, i'll enter it nxt time)
dont ask abt it -privatoooos


Friday, December 5

Lurve -ish

im wearing white skirt and green tshirt. written Pr♥tty xP ok, tday as usual im online -ing, infront of screen for 4 hours already. MySpace incresed my boredness level, huh tired of clicking 'Refresh'

while waiting, still infront of the computer, i was playing Solitaire. a game, i used to play. idk, i thnk im addicted to it, like a drug .. heroin maybe. NOT tht very cool game, dnt gt me wrong. sms -ing J ;) hvnt txt you since tht Tuesday, ade la jgk bt just 2 or 5 msgs. and of cs, songs. this thing awakes me.

by the way

the most exciting news is,
i finished my 'Cant Wait to Finish' novel. yayy ! at last, it's over. what a boring book I bought. going to buy a new one, this weekend ;D

next, im baking muffins wth my Housemates -family. i bought the muffin mixtures yesterday. and we are going to do this Apple something something .. idk what it is, looks good (on the screen lah)

toodles now, off to the kitchen ! ;P

"I was like, what ?"

here's the thing,

Now that my friend was turning 50, I cautioned him that one's semicentennial was a time to start taking things slower. "Just remember what the Romans used to say," I warned.
"What's that?" he said
"You're about to go to L."

A joke from Reader's Digest, by Gene Newman ;)

i read this again again and again, couldn't found wht ths L supposed to mean. im no good at this jokes thing, myb someone Braniac could tll me wht this joke is about ;D haha


L for Loser, L for Life, L for lasagna ? wht the hell ? Gosh

Wednesday, December 3

Heads Down

posting another one, increasing my blog post. huh, what a boring 3rd December. i hvnt txt anyone tday, not in th mood of txting people. Sorry j ;( i miss them so much, my friends of cs. hope we all can go out sometimes. let me repeat it, WHAT A BORING DAY, tq. tv changing channels, phone vibrates all the time, boys talking, girls singing. Barbie comedian makes me strong, songs stuck in head, piano ballad been heard by others, bike makes me falling to ground, head spinning with craps, and of cs computer completes my day :)

*im addicted to Spider Solitaire

OTL- Demi Jonases

I didn’t wanna say, I’m sorry, for breaking us apart.
I didn’t wanna say, it was my fault, even though I knew it was.
I didn’t wanna call, you back, ‘cuz I knew that I was wrong.
Yeah I knew, I was wrong.

Listen baby.
Never would’ve said forever, if I knew we’d end so fast.
Why did you say, “I love you”, if you knew that it wouldn’t last?
Baby I just can’t hear what you’re saying.
The line is breaking up.
Or is that, just us?
Or is that just us?!

Try to call again and get in your mailbox.
Like a letter left unread.
Apologies are often open ended,
but this one’s better left unsaid.

One in the same, never to change.
Our love was beautiful.
We got it all, destined to fall.
Our love was tragical.
Wanted to call, no need to fight.
You know I wouldn’t lie.
But tonight, we’ll leave it on the line.
We’ll leave it on the line.
We’ll leave it on the line tonight

*ON THE LINE by Demi Lovato ft. Jonas Brothers
Many things happened and will happen, just on the line. bills reach up, just on the line. LOVE as it said beautiful and tragical, i take it, yes ;) eventhough nvr been to FANTASY OF LOVE. aha ;D jk J. on the line, OUR CONNECTION

Try Stop Me Now

now is 3.12pm, still infront of the comp. i hv piano class ths evening, hvn't been in class like a month. currently listening to PUSHIN' ME AWAY by Jonas Brothers. yahh, im sooo last TWO months haha. now i realize tht ths song is kinda COOL ! should hear it ;)

nothing to post, im bored. MySpace is sucks man ! want to delete my acc, when i think back, im gonna miss ths MySpace stuff. so, decided to stick with it. dad bought a new bike, too high fr me. i mean it, SOOO high ! haha i bet you too cnt ride ths extraordinary bike. haha HOLD ON TIGHT
im writing craps, toodles ;)

JB on Jimmy Kimmel Live Show

tday was okay, not tht boring. i went here and thre, nthg much to say about. but tht one part, when we were eating, i just cnt stand the words. i LAUGHED like hell, it was crazy man ! i supposed to gt a present, nvm, i'll take care of tht 20 cent of yours. haha ;D

okay, tnght i wtchd Star World. JONAS BROTHERS on the screen ! Yayy ;D it's been a while. btw zaf, i really wnt to do ths sleepover JB stuff. can you please contact me, and when we cn strt ths projct haha. im waiting .. okay, back to the Jonas, they are SUPER FUCKIN DAMN HOT ! they were laughing thre, oh gosh sooo cute ;) BB Good and Video Girl wht they performed. Joe has tht very soft whitey skin. huh haha willing to slap you !

*Robert Pattinson, you are gorgeous

Monday, December 1

Cure Doesn't Exist

iv gt nthg to write. this one just like the others, BOREDOM ! iv tried everything, so hard haha. arrange stuffs, play wth my sisters, try to bake bt i found nothing in the kitchen. plan as always FAILED. you heard me, it never gonna work. both telling and not telling are gonna end up, the same.

myb ths is the life of a girl tht has *them 24/7 working. not their fault of cs. money is wht everyone needs. and im ONE of everyone. blabbers are like the food of my day. means EVERYDAY ;D i took it calmly, CURRENTLY. they hold their tie, tightly. a big NO is why. happy to live wthout it

as usual, tv my friend, tht cn keeps me updated and cure ths sickness, a little bit. wait, i cn daydream. yahhh, it will be fun ! haha it sounds lamee, i knw. nvm, i'll tll you, nxt post ;D haha

*blogging is good, im letting evrything go
this has nthg to do wth anyone, dead or alive ;) weeee

Things At Kampung

i spend like a week thre, at my kampung. awaaaaay frm my parents, bt ad bibik lah. i've learned many new things. as usual, im gonna point it out.

What I Call "Kampung"
- hard to live wthout internet
- grandma taught how to do ths KELIM thing on karipap
- babies like to hop
- hard fr them to gt into the car
- bcos of McD i puked, bcos of rice, i felt like i wnt to puke
- cats are the most disgusting ewww-est creatures on Earth, fr me lah
- they loveee CHICKEN, jump to the sky. Quack quack ?
- river can be built out of sand, own rare hands
- when we bored, we eat. ikan TERMENUNG ? aha i suck at ths fishy thing
- spend 10rm to buy ices. ICE is important to keep us alive
- phone, hee you kept me going crazy !
- a LONER computer, been attacked by 10 kids
- new words created, EXOTICALLY EXOTIC

plus, To the water theme park, The Carnival - CANCELLED
raining is why, haha poor swimsuits ;(
*THEY are my bunchy annoying cousins

Tuesday, November 25

Cant Wait Movies

Robert Pattinson

Alex Pettyfer

Jake T Austin


another silly day, another boring day. at kampng, with nothing to do. here is like a HUGE house, wth more thn 20 persons in it. babies spread here and there. some crying, some laughing. you chased me, i chased you. you kicked me, i kicked you. talk and talk and talk. but still, not enough. cnt feel the fun.

okay, strt my day by woke up and solat subuh. FAMILY's jokes time. we laughed yah, we always do. it's what we do. JOKES ? huh. i clld, talked talked talked thn "recharge battery". i couldn't find the charger. tried to change simcard, like i i did with NIK. haha ;D unfortunately, all the phones seemed to be the same. searched for it for hours, still.

helped to clean up the house. pick up all the rubbish outside, arrange the chairs and tables. all of tht, sort of it. aha, anyways, we got UPAH. 10rm jee, nvm it still money. valuable, i can buy a ton of ice creams. WOW ! cleaned up myself, then started read tht 'cnt wait to finish it' novel. SOOOOO cnt wait. i really really wnt to buy a new one. PATIENT PATIENT. gt bored, shut the book, went to sleep. it was so tiring.

mum dad gone bck home, leave us here. friday they come bck pick us up. BIBIK lah, tak muat adoyy. i went to this PASAR MALAM wth Acu, by motorcycle. kinda scary, we used this 'dark myb haunted' road. omg, SHITs, all over the place haha. yuckk ! thn went back home, ONLINE ! cnt wait gile ah ;D 'hello' again, oh gosh eyoilvuo

Monday, November 24


like everyone else, people was like crazy talkng abt this 2008. in my own opinion, i thnk it went pretty well. i found my best friend, my best fakey wife, my best lesbo partner, my best class partner, my best JB soulmate, my best hangout gang, my best guy friends, my best neighbour, my best classmates, my best lover, my best everything lahh. bt i just cnt found you, whre are you in my life. iv knwn you like years, always be thre fr you. but myb you dnt realize it. you dnt care maybe. me, waiting fr you to say, YOU RE THE BEST FRIEND I HAVE EVER HAD. myb tht, or is it too much ? idk, i just need an appreciation. ting tong. who's thre ? its me. I DONT CARE. was it really meant to be ike tht ? huh, ths is crap. i dnt knw wht to post. read it thn leave. bttr rght ? aha

At Last

atlast, at last, at last. im gonna say ths over and over again. i didnt post any blog fr couple of weeks. huh ! so, heyyy INTERNET ;D Hurayy ! i spend my day wthout ths intrnt thingy by wtching v, listening to songs, and hours on phne. hahaha yayyy ! ts is kinda stupid, bt who cares.. rght ? nxt post okay, toodles ;)

Friday, November 14


1. Where do you hang your towel to dry after showering?


2. What kind of mouse pad do you have?

idk, it has so many colourful lights you knw

3. Do you brush your hair with a comb or a brush?

i used comb and brush also, sometimes lahh

4. In your opinion, who do you think is the hottest celebrity?

JOE Jonas of course, he is super HOT !

5. You have a project due tomorrow, do you use tape or glue?

both, aha

6. Chicken or pork?

i cnt eat pork, i love chicken, weee

7. By the time you get to school, is it still dark?

nope, sun just rose

8. If you had a choice to be a unicorn or mermaid which would it be?

i wnt to be a mermaid,i cn hv a beautiful tail

9. What color is your underwear?

most of them .. rainbow ! haha

10. What time does the sun usually set?

7 ?

11. What/who do you think of last before you go to sleep?

everything tht hppnd on tht day

12. AC or fan?

AC of cs

13. Do you wear braces?

my friend does, i wnt to bt idk haha

14. Can you do a hand stand?

i cnt. i tried bt i failed haha

15. If you were the opposite sex, how would you style your hair?

idk, like spiky or sthg

16. What level English are you in?

i cnt speak English, poor me

17. Jessica Simpson or Alba?

both, they are two HOTTY superstar

18. Which subject is worse, English or Math?

both, huh ;D

19. What's one thing you really want to do this very moment?

meet my friends of cs

20. What movie are you embarrassed to admit you've watched

????? none i guess

21. CD player or iPOD?

ipod myb, i hate CDs

22. Would you rather spin upside down going 30 miles or drop 400 ft. into water?

400 ft. into water of course ;DD

23. Whats your favorite shape?

heart shape, i like drawing it

24. What do you have planned for the weekend?

hang out wth my friends

25. Have you ever gone ice skating?

past few years, i suck at it

26. If you were put in a room with nothing except for a pencil and paper, what would you do?

i write name, or sthg in my mind. wtv idk

27. Is it always easy finding your remote every time you want to watch TV?

like, yahh

28. How was your day?

BORING, puhh

29. Do you grow your nails, bite or cut them?

i grow thm, thn i cut thm wth nailclipper

30. Describe your handwriting:

like scratchy on stone aha, my mum likes my handwriting. weeee

I Tag : ZAF for this survey ;P

Wednesday, November 12

Little Kindergarten Kids

look, they enjoy wtching this. see, i told you

Little Einsteins

LITTLE EINSTEINS! Pictures, Images and Photos

i hv nthg to post, i saw my brother wtching it, so i just post it. its LAMEEE, i knw. but, it's my blog, so who cares. thre are people who love wtching it. like my brother duhhh he's 7 fgs, of cs haha

let me type sthg abt this Little brainiacs,
thre are four of thm, one name Leo, thn June, anothr one is Quincy lastly Annie. It's a television series on Playhouse Disney. always travel to somewhre or save sthg along wth their intelligent whtever they cll 'Rocket'. and of cs, they travel wth music, i mean it, all episodes. their advetures cant cmplete whtout it. they are cute little kindergarten kids. at the end, they will do ths curtain call. okay, i dnt knw wht to say anymore. just watch thn you knw it. discover it yourself, you will get to it.


act thre's nthg to do wth glasses. like everyone, im bored. WE bored, nthg to do on ths holiday. GUYS, plan sthg, our out-ing. im begging here !

okay, tday i woke up, not tht late. chxd my phne, msgs frm JOE, i didnt rply it cs i thght he was busy or sthg. my sisters were dancing dwnstairs, they were like gorillas haha. listening to hsm3 soundtracks, im tlling you ths, they are silly.

abt 1.30, me Ftyn and Faisal went to JUSCO. went thre to buy someone sthg. thn we wtchd ths video cll 'Hot Rod', in Faisal's phne. they are HELL funny aha. went bck home at 6 or sthg. cnt wait to onlne, chcking updates bla and bla and bla. nthg much hppn tday. thre you go. p/s; my sister wants to be a cow now, she chngd her mind, OH GOD ! :D

Tuesday, November 11


whre we connected, whre we can talk and laugh. eventho we hv to type it. still means A LOT ! we cnt turn bck time, not tht smart to built one. if i had a wish, i wish to turn bck time, so tht i can chnge everythg, my mistakes my wrongs. EVERYTHING lahh. haha but it wont hppn, cs past is passd. and future is ahead. at tht point, is whre we should score the goal. wth someone to guide you, you score PERFECTLY. sorry, if you dnt undrstand, this is the way i write. hah just read, it will be an honour. grammar errors fr sure. im still learning haha ;D tht's all, craps along the way

Sunday, November 9

Green A Lot

i hate you and the one beside you and also the one nxt to you. im a human being, human do mistakes. it's like a routine to us, mistakes everyday. and you knw tht, treat me well please. no one's prfct, include you. and stop making fun of someone else. i thnk tht is rude. im a jerk, like you're not ? huh yah rght. seriously, i hate yr words. just shut it, or a slap perhaps

Farewell Amir

he's going, to Johor. i thnk i said it like thousnds time, but it's true, we're going to MISS you, Amirrr. aha, so many experiences, so much memories. things tht we could never frgt. Thanks fr being the best friend ever, and do keep in cntct okay ;) i owe you a lot, esp at the pool dkt WaterWorld. haha if you were not thre, im dead i think. thnks again. you drove us, here and thre. watchd scary movies, playd games, these are things tht we could not frgt and we really gonna miss all of tht. we LOVE you Amir, bt as afriend lah adoyy ;D frgt me not, tll us if you're here. hangout sometimes aha take care okay ;)


Plates To All

yesterday, we had our CLASS PARTY at midvalley. it was fun yahh, bt in the end everyone was saying goodbye. a little bit touchd i guess. bt it was an awesome day with you guys, 3 Optimis are the best period ! we went to bowling, thn ate our lunch at dominos. no words can describe wht hppnd yesterday, seriously im soooo gonna miss you guys. as usual, i hv to shortn it, let me just point it out ;)

- ftyn, you really rock at bowl, you beatd the teacher yah !
- screaming lyk monkeys when we rolld the ball aha
- holding, bt lapek jaket 'Ulwan, major OhMyGod
- we took pictures at dominos, and gv some speechs to ckg Azim, Thank You ;)
- shop the top wth ftyn, zaf, amir and the othr two guys
- too much drama, my teardrops blaming myself
- waved GOODBYE to all my friends
- gt Amir a frame, put our pictures thre okay ?
- KTM freaking me out
- flying kisses to Amir, he is moving to Johor ;( byebye
- sporting taxi driver aha , thnk God
- took pictures again whn arrivd
- hugs to all, iloveyou guys !



End of School

gosh, im sick aha. sneeze all the way. but it was fun. we took a lot of pictures, wth someone we dnt even knw also. haha bt nevermind, it was our lst day thre, we were really enjoy every bits of it. im SOOO gonna miss all of you. my new friends, syaza, amira hamizah, adlina, aqilah, shakira ;)) weee to all. forget me not, guys.

Thursday, November 6

Right Here, Right Now

Can you imagine?
What would happen?
If we could have any dream
I wish this moment
Was ours to own it
And that it would never leave
Then I would thank that star
That made our wish come true
Cause he knows that where you are
Is where I should be too

Right here, right now
I’m looking at you and my heart loves the view
Cause you mean everything

Right here, I’ll promise you somehow
That tomorrow can wait for some other day to be
But right now there’s you and me

this song like stuck in my head, HSM3 soundtrack


November 5, is the most awesome day of this month. We went to Malacca, trip for form 3. The number 9, incredible 9 person, you guys seriously rock my world. Thanks a lot ;) were suppose to be 12 of us, I guess. Shaz, Syaza and Aqilah. Haha yah Nik, Dec ade lg, sunway baby ! maybe lah aha. Lots to tell, I better just point everything out.

illegal to forget
- been attacked by those vibrating "gorillas"
- elephant, 50 years old. tough one
- frst time, i touchd snake, the yellow one. thy clld it Pythons ?
- birds show, seriously they can sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY
- bumpa slide, haha terrifying and fun, i tll you
- 5th floor slide, oh gosh, my ass hurts. Ouch !
- Fatyn, got over her fear, HEIGHTS. fun kan ? hah
- cool river and drowning in the waves, huh thnk God im safe
- the laugh of 9 of us ;) wee ily

p/s; thanks to amir, saving my life. i owe you a lot
sins; aha sorry


Tuesday, November 4


yah, as always, we laughd. ths time louder aha. we plyd uno cards, huh tiring, hard to achieve "UNO GAME" haha. then teachers invitd ths PTPL, thy were freaking boring .. aha. im telling you, sooo damn boring. thre is ths one game, we hv to continue the stry tht he gv. agak bodoh kot, after PMR fgs, fr me, i dnt wnt to use my brain anymore aha ;D then we plyed ths twisted tongue. ths one, bestt ! ftyn, omg. she ws lyk so blur. she hd to rmmbr ths unique words "ACIKADEWA DEKADEKU CICHINA MIPOLIPOLI WAKUDU" aha twisting huh ? serious funny, me nik zaf amira syaza adlina and aqilah were laughing lyk HELL. hah thts all i guess. tmrw, i cnt wait. MELAKA is waiting fr me, i'll be thre. aha

Sunday, November 2


After what we have experienced, those up and downs. Things that we never expect come and ruin everything. Lies, is the most famous words that we usually heard. And I said it again; it is hard to trust on someone. The sparkly stars told me to be who I am, and never let anyone that cares about you, disappointed. We always wish that we can be someone else, better than ourselves. To let you know, I felt love before. But not that truly love or whatever people always want. I can't differentiate LOVE and LIKE. Oh god, so confuse. But hey, once I said I LOVE YOU, I am loving you. Thanks to you, I smile back, from ear to ear. J ;D

Bitchy Cyrus


He is denying everything she said. Look at her, we all can see the changes. She turns from sweet little Miley to a loser bitchy Miley. She is 15, fgs, act like it okay.

In an exclusive interview with BRAVO, Nick finally shows his true feelings. “I am really very disappointed Miley. I can not find good, that she look for it publicly, make dust. The song and her behavior makes me really sad,” Nick whispers.

Easy to understand, since there was such a vow of silence. “We promised at that time that the relationship was just a thing between us and that nobody rested. Nobody should get to know about our love. … And now this!”. Nick is appalled. Every time he hears the song of Miley, there is a dark shadow on his face. “I never would have thought about it. But fortunately I have my brothers, Joe and Kevin. They help me to absorb all the history,” said he.

And many things are safe: the adjustment of public accounts Miley has left deep wounds in what was a close friendship between the two. “The relationship between the two is OK. Not much, much less,” said Miley porfiadamente. Nick, however, seeks to save, which is to save. “I take care to keep my friendship with Miley. It is important to me - despite our break. We join many things. I do not want to relinquish that. I just want, we understand well again.”

USA magazine


Nothing much to describe today. Resting all parts of the body. Comfortable on wherever I sat. Sounds of TV and the vibration of cell phone keep my eyes open wide. Talking nonsense, a lot. Joy my day with the new songs, JONAS BROTHERS. Eat, eat, eat then puke. Oh gosh, disgusting. There you go, what a boring NOVEMBER.

Thursday, October 30

Clownies ;D

as usual, me, dyn, lyn and fatinJEF walk home frm schl. we usually talkd abt tht 'get lost, AB' hah, we were so stupid to lyk him. okay, back to the story. thre were these guys, we cll thm CLOWNIES, act I cll them tht. others 'SELAMBA .. ap th. they are funny, i mean HILARIOUS ! omg, they think they're cool, bt act they're not. freaking stupid i guess. here it goes, we walk lyk snails, ths is the fact of our life. we cant walk any faster enough. we made a game one day, walk faster thn tht guys, wins ! lyn and fatinJEF were the competitors, bt me and dyn, we were the cheerleaders. haha stupid much ? but the guys seemd not to take it as a game, maybe they think tht lyn and fatinJEF were trying to flirt wth thm or wtv. srsly, we as the cheerleaders, were laughing like H E double L. haha they are nice , i thnk. nice enough tht made our trip back home fun as in FUN !


spend half of our day schl today at BILIK MASAKAN. wht were we doing thre ? like cooking of cs. haha cooking is fun ! we had to buy eggs, each 30 cent. expensive huh ? idk, never bought eggs bfore. those two refrigerators, at last we found chips. fried em, DEEP FRIED ;D shazrul was busy helping teacher at bengkel. so he was not thre bfore recess. we had our recess thre, eating scramble eggs wth 'roti ikan bilis' and chips wth chili sauce. um, yummy ! then amir F, shazrul, and abdul came. deep fried chips for the second time, hoho. after we ate, of cs we had to clean up the room. everyone done their parts. me, washing dishes. oh im good at it ;)

; GARAM TUMPAH, haha we dont knw who done it, bt tht ws sooo not nice. we had to clean thm up. ohh, as me and nik workd hard on it so tht we wont gt in trouble.

TRAGEDY TWO; SUSU BASI, omg yuckkss ! like major yuck argh. we used this yucky milk on top of the ice cream. first, we didnt knw tht it was expired. we ate it, haha "sedap sedap". ewww, i tastd it, basi wohhh. oh goshh, yucky yucky yuck ! dont taste like milk at all. throwd all of em. huh

Wednesday, October 29

Syaza, Happy Bday ;)


281008, hang out again. bt ths time, syaza and nana ade. clbrte syaza's bday, wth the pillow as the cake and phnes as candles ;D haha. and of cs, we took a lot of pictures. one of 'em is up thre, use yr eyes to see. we had fun at syaza's house. experience; we had to squeeze in nana's car, sakit tulang ! aha

Tuesday, October 28

Oh God

PAV cancelled, sorry guys !

Sunday, October 26

It's Over, AB

once we said, HUGE MAJOR crush, it always a crush. the word "we will be together" never exist in ths CRUSH vocab. wasting our time, yeah we do. scream lyk crazy, spy on him, acting stupid, these all bcuz we need his attention. and wht we gt in the end, NONE. a major none ! so, life goes on, as always. learn from mistakes. cute boy, you bttr step a side, ths girl is abt to hit-yr-head. okay tht stupid

High School Musical 3


Can I Have This Dance-Vanessa and Zac

The film starts off with the end of the Wildcats' championship basketball game, where team captain Troy (Zac Efron) immediately rallies their spirits ("Now or Never"). With the teams' spirit raised, they win. Later, at Troy's after-match party at his house, Troy and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) are seen thinking about their future and wishing that their last few months at East High wouldn't end ("Right Here, Right Now"). Meanwhile, Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) meets Tiara Gold (Jemma McKenzie-Brown), a British exchange student who she hires to be her personal assistant.

Drama teacher Ms. Darbus (Alyson Reed) notices that since there were so few sign-ups for the spring musical, Sharpay decides to do a one-woman show. This alarms Kelsi (Olesya Rulin), who is writing the show, so she signs up almost everyone in the class for it instead. During several discussions, Ms. Darbus reveals that Sharpay, Ryan (Lucas Grabeel), Kelsi, and Troy have all been considered for a scholarship at Julliard School of the Arts, but only one of them is to be chosen. Sharpay becomes desperate to win the scholarship, and knowing that Kelsi writes the best songs, she gets Ryan to try and persuade Kelsi to give them the song ("I Want it All").

The very next day, Gabriella and Troy meet on the rooftop and teaches him how to waltz ("Can I Have This Dance"), and the two later rehearse for their musical with the song "A Night to Remember" after Chad asks Taylor (Monique Coleman) to go to prom with him. Meanwhile, Ryan walks in on Kelsi composing "Just Wanna Be with You" in the music room, and performs it with her, asking her to prom halfway through. While Troy and Chad (Corbin Bleu) reminisce about their youth ("The Boys are Back"), Sharpay and Tiara discover that Gabriella has a chance to go to college early. She later convinces Troy that he's the only thing keeping Gabriella from her dream. Troy talks to Gabriella about this over dinner, and after sharing an awkward goodnight, Gabriella ("Walk Away") leaves for college the next day.

Troy's dad, Jack, (Bart Johnson) talks to him and urges Troy to rethink his hobby for performing. Troy becomes angry, confused, and runs away, storming around East High confused (performing "Scream") until he finally screams at the top of his lungs on the theater stage. Ms. Darbus, noticing this, convinces Troy to rethink his hobby for basketball. Troy is confused, when he then gets a call from Gabriella who breaks up with him after telling him she loves him. On the night of prom, Troy visits Gabriella at Stanford University, and the two waltz again to "Can I Have This Dance" (reprise).

Back at East High, Troy tells Jimmie (Matt Prokop) to cover for him onstage as he and Gabriella wouldn't make it to the show on time. The Julliard representatives are there, and watch as the show seems to go well, (Senior Year Spring Musical). Jimmie, performing with Sharpay, causes her to lose the chance of going to Julliard. As Sharpay tries to impress the representatives, Tiara betrays her and steals Sharpay's act instead. Sharpay finally learns how it feels to be humiliated, but doesn't wish to go down. While Tiara performs, Sharpay immediately crashes her performance. During the final number, "We're All in This Together (Graduation Mix)", Ms. Darbus reveals that both Kelsi and Ryan got the Julliard scholarship. Troy decides he will go to Berkeley University, where he can play basketball and drama and is also 32.7 miles away from Gabriella, and the graduates respond by forming a giant wildcat before breaking out into song and dance ("High School Musical").

The six primary characters walk onto a stage from the field with the logo from the first film, the camera focuses on each of their faces, and they jump into the air in their signature pose one last time.

RATING; 9 over 10

What A Day ;)


Netball, Tarik Tali then High School Musical 3
okay again, what a day ;D we had a blast. it was amazing and of cs exhausting ! haha

netball; i was the timekeeper and the reserve cheerleader aka RC. we got 2nd place ;) it's okay, we tried our best. time recess, sausage puke again haha, and we talked and talked abt Amir's crying history ;D we had fun

tarik tali; konon teror maen la kan, trcampak hbs. we lose, saguhati okay lah tuu. the boys gile smangt, optimis plus kualiti. they gt 1st place. yela, they were like HUGE, you knw. compared to us, we're like ants ;D

THE BEST PART; JUSCO time ! wow, we had a blast here. movies, mcd-ing, shopping, chocolate dipping, praying, fuhhh . everywhre we went, we laughd, we talked esp craps haha ! even in the surau, imagine tht. we took so many pictures, really enjoy tht 2 till 7 pm thre. High School Musical 3, awesome man !

Thursday, October 23

A Word Cll Trust

the condition of one to whom something has been entrusted


shit shit bang bang ! xP thght you kept yr promisses, sadly, yr not. it's hard to believe or trust on someone even the one you love. "peace" all over the world, may chnge a bit. say like you mean it, words here, if u dnt wanna. rmmber me, don't you dare left me all alone thre. not NICE okey ? Friendship is important, i knw you well, bbe ;) kiss ur ass ? a big OMG. appreaciation here, talk to me, if free <3


Wednesday, October 22

Sorry To Interrupt

if we work hard on it, myb we will achieve it. but if we just keep believn' ourselves, we may not

sthg tht meant to be, we cnt chnge it ;) we knw the day will come. and of cs, we hate tht day. life goes on, wthr it's good or bad. the truth never lie and the lie never tells the truth. FRIENDSHIP will break any second nw. hold the tie, and work tghthr. dnt let anyone sitting thre alone. i tld you, we broke the rules many times. so change, to a bttr person. the one tht can be in here, forever ;) <3

Hppy B'day Zaf



describe TODAY;
fun fun fun ! haha

THINGS we do today;
watch movies
photo - ing ;D
WALKING, for sure

and somehow, TRUANCY is fun ;)

Tuesday, October 21



infinity of hotness



All pass day by day, plans here and there. One big busy holiday.

We laugh as loud as we can. We act lyk stupids and dont really care wht others think abt us. We share our secrets together. Tried to solve problems together. We dont hate each other. Tht is wht friends are for. 'Heads up high guys, everythg is abt to chnge now. Ingredients in this mixing are exactly perfect. loveyou, GMDK

Our Night Out

FIRST, that Pulau Mutiara kue teow sdp gile haha ;D

SECOND, we ‘vroom vroom’ to the gas station

THIRD, taxi driver laughed at us

FORTH, solat salah kiblat !

FIFTH,Happy Birthday, Shazrul

SIXTH, figured out how to send 'Ulwan home

SEVENTH, it was raining, the skirt was all WET

Many things happened, but still, thanks to the 'conflict' man