Wednesday, November 25

I am Mad

"huhu.nex yer die xde.
sedey ouh. :("

Why I do not know anything about this? and just why? How can you be so selfish! And you think I do not care. I will not care less. You think it is easy for me to wake up tomorrow and realize that everything that we have spend together is a whole bunch of shit.

Serious aku nak maki, mencarut kau sekarang ni. We, too, okay, me especially. Me, Huda Aiman is very pissed off 'cause I know nothing about this. Though you are not going to read this, I am still freaking mad at you.

Fly With Me

do not laugh, but really, i heart Nick Jonas <3

Gift of A Friend

The world comes to life,
And everything is alright
From beginning to end
When you have a friend
By your side
That helps you to find
The beauty of all

This is by Lovato, oh how much I love her songs. And her, yess I do love her.
A story of tinkerbell, even a little not-exist fairy can have this type of relation that is very strong and pure. And me, a homo sapien, fully exist in this real world do not have this type of relation.
True, difficulties and obstacles we have to go through to reach the very high
(Little Miss Confident)

"Apahal makcik ni asik nak emo jee?"
"Suka hati aku la!"

Tuesday, November 24


Don't you exaggerate whatever i said, cause that is absolutely, not fastidious. Bringing you people to the center makes me want to vomit, throw everything inside this belly-cious tummy. I ate a lot today, ayam kicap, ayam goreng, ayam kukus, ayam rebus? Illy would like that, I know for sure. I am waiting for the others to send me pictures and to let you know, i have been waiting for like 48 hours! haha hiperbola. dua hari dah laa, gee. Somehow, resting my butt on this chair made me think how valuable my time was, being in that school even though we were doing nothing. The time of my life have yet come and i don't really think this is my time of life. Just think, why do I have to spend my time sitting on this couch while I can do other things that are more beneficial than doing this. Let just say, i can talk, but I do not know how. Cakap je, tapi tak amalkan. Something like that. I read my previousss posts, I do sound weird, am I? That was when I did not have the skills to blog, or to express my thoughts. *sekarang mcm ada je LOL -_-

I am wearing my bloodish reddish t-shirt, the one that I love the most and I still am. And I am wearing my black slack, the one that I bought two months ago. Why am I describing all these? Ahh, let the world decides. I want to continue reading books but I just not in the mood. I am in the mood of doing nothing and i think that is one useless mood ever. I need pills to control, to balance my emotions cause I think my hormones are turning upside down, lefty righty. pffft (?) I will totally focus on my studies next month and i will live up my holiday this month. Still, my plans are on the next month, but who cares? My life, I decide. Be pleased and pleasured.

Phone's charger is making me piss, and I still am pissed off with that suckish fucking damn charger. I am bored, please help me! Why do you have to be so cruel to me? I am one innocent little girl, who is crying for help because her phone's charger won't work. Bad super electrical device! My brother is crying and I honestly do not want to care what the damn that they are doing, but as a responsible sister, I do not want to let them down. I took my guts along with me and yelled, "What is wrong with you people?" and he said "She started it". I kindly closed the door and went back downstairs and continue writing my blog. How liable I am :)

I think that is all for now
with that, I thank you


Friends are people that you think are your friends
But they're really your enemies, with secret identities and disguises, to hide their true colors
So just when you think you're close enough
they will come and cut your throat when you aren’t looking

You just have to dig harder to find the right meaning of true friendship.
You do not walk out, do not abandon, do not throw them away, to be friends with a friend.
Of all the friendship I've experienced; there are good and bad friends.
They taught me many lessons, and they have opened my eyes to see the real world
Fantasy aren't that cherish to you
Live in reality and seek for happiness, cause it ain't hard if you are wise

Just be thankful to your friend
Cause they are sturdy enough to concern about you
Friendship is delicate as a glass, once broken it can be fixed but there will always be cracks

Still, I got my gold-ish friends and they are my so-called angels <3
a memoir

Monday, November 23

Happy Holiday!

nothing much to say
students are joy with this pitiful month
oh yeah,
it is our day
people, lets holiday!

wishing you people, SELAMAT HARI CUTI
as they said,
Cuti Untuk Tambah Ilmu

my fellow schoolmates, we got works to be done, geez
may God bless them