Saturday, February 28

hell of mine

can i ask something? okay, i want to ask something, can i? if you don't mind. i really want to know. what is so good about 100th post? there, i asked. care to answer? thank you.

i deleted 897 to 493. i hate WOW

"what a weird"

to get to the next point, like i have those previous points. i still need to think about the future, ahead future that i will live on. so, i set in mind, what ever happens, happens. a people was dying last week, i got the chance to give out something. i am trying my best to become a good person, to myself, family and this perfectly perfect world.

just to inform you again, i HATE Physics. it sucks maaaaan! what the hell is she teaching? i am so gonna fail this first test, God knows why. learning that suckish subject on my own still can't bring me to the A. i am not being mean or anything, you can ask them if you want. tears falling, blame the voice! huh

i haven't heard any amazing legendary from her yet. she is too excited bcs of the rumors, spreads all over the world will make her jump very high. i bet you are wrong.

i'm OUT

Friday, February 20

we heard bells

i have no idea what to write in this blog, nothing is important to let you know. well, i live my life, not the fully, yet! will be :) i had a problem controlling my emotions, no one knows why. freaking Question mark, i don't even know why. like i said, i have too much problems. yeah, too. much. having the people in my class is not that hard, just for certain people. and it includes A!

as you may know, A is getting worst and worst, day by day. i had enough! is it annoyed you if i write about this so-called-sarcasm? better luck next time.

and for today, my school held a Road-Run. you guys are familiar with it, i know. okay, i didn't found any bruised yet. hopefully, no! i don't want one, thank you. (touch it with your finger tips) lol. i ran, and ran and ran and stop and walk. that's how i done this Road Run thing. why do we need it? i am still questioning that. dotdotdot the Purples won! first prize, but still we won the second prize. kecoh much?

he wore yellow this evening, the other was in black, as usual. awwwwwwww!

p/s; i love you Fatin! we met again :)

Thursday, February 19

i would start this post with a very huge crazy laugh HAHA. crazy enough? okay good. lets begin with .. i'll run tomorrow! okay so what? fyi, i'm bored. this is another crappy post. i miss my friends, in and out. (means here and there) pfft, see! too obvious my friend. world is too huge, i'm lost in the middle :p being an assistant to Faisal is not that hard, i have a problem with the BKK stuff. beybeyh! i am LAMEEEE. to dudes too. so, school is not that hard, neither easy. okay, it is fine. i am holding too much pressure from the surroundings. they won't shut the damn mouths! SARCASM is what you called, ding dong (!) i don't want to hear your whatsoever talk, ok? it gives me headache. do you mind? SHUT UP? thank you

i am texting with him now, so WOW! (alah minah ni, tu pun nak kecoh!) i'll get that a lot, right Nik? haha problems problems. too mush pressure, i'll burst to tears. i get along with both of them, kinda fun. they are sweet, sometimes spicy. c'mon Huda, you can do more than that! huh

btw, "Serunai Malam" still in my head. Umar and Safiah :p you you, i i

Saturday, February 14

almost to big-headed

I don't approve obnoxious behavior, but they can change.
I don't approve sarcasm, but can they stop?

Enough is enough. You spit it out too much; I can't handle all of that. Don't made me want to puke in front of your face, or at your face? I'm not saying that I hate you; just sometimes you made me want to hate you. It's not good, isn't it?

Wake up girls! Don't you realize? It has been too long; WE kept it alone there, in our little heart, waiting for someone to say "hei, nampak tak tadi?" to let you know, I found mine ! yeay yeay lol :p at least there is someone to share something about this with me.

If I want to say something, the best advice for you is SHUT UP ! Girl, give me a chance. We have our own thoughts.

"Kami mudah mengumpat" that is our kelemahan. right Nik Deanna ? lol, she'll be wearing white this Monday. no more, bajuku ungu

Thursday, February 12

"school made me sick"

Days without them are kinda weird. harsh i purpose. missing them would be a total 'yeah' ! as usual, life goes on. someday somehow, i'll get use to it.

"homeworks make us suffer". a very popular sentence that has been shouted by most bloggers. like yes, but i try finish it up little by little. not that hard. YOU CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT :P


a long time without posting any entry made me feel like i need to talk craps. and i am. people won't read mine, so who cares ?

a new person came up in my life is good. throw away that stinky old out of my head.
AB AB AB AB AB AB AB :P kinda familiar ? shattap !

what i learn;
taking off your shirt is uncool

Saturday, February 7

Take Care, Babes

i'm dedicating this to my dearest friends that are going to a new school. Diyanah and Fatin Liyana :( i'm going to miss you guys so much ! yesterday was our burst-to-tears day. our plan was a success ! actually, i'm happy they got this chances to fulfill their dreams and get a better education. but in this deeply heart, i really want to shout at them and say "Guys, don't go !".

i cried three times yesterday, ckg Ridzuan's speech really did made us cried. if he is a woman, i'll hug him tightly ! - if he is a WOMAN. me and Aqilah, we cried a lot. we shared our tears together. as you all know, my best friend since 4 years old is moving, and my dearest best mate is moving too, tomorrow ! huhhh

last period of school, everyone was crying. hugging and apologizing were heard from each of people mouth. even enemies can turn to friends. but still, life goes on. i'm still hoping, but i'll accept whatever it has been written. God knows better :)

to Diyanah, i'm going to miss you soooooooooooooo MUCH ! i won't forget every single second that we have spend together. the cycle part, the screaming-bcs-of-hoy-guys part, everything ! love you dear :) the friend's charm, i try to buy it tomorrow. don't you dare forget about me ! haha

moving on to Fatin, i miss you badly already. sorry i can't join you guys tomorrow. "be strong, stay strong, babe !" read my message to you everyday ! okay ? love you too babe. i'm still holding it, our friendship

and to all that will be moving away, sorry and thank you for being my friend. and i won't forget those laughs and chit-chats with you guys !

Hugs Kisses <3

Thursday, February 5

my new Jo

okay, of course, he won't read this unpopular blog. so, i just write everything about him. first of all he is SUPER GORGEOUS ! like, super. slightly to superpowers. our "talk" is good, relieving, melted. gosh, he's cute ! haha 100% of cuteness. my Johan is on his way, LOL. well, i have to say, you have that very awesome astonish gorgeous siblings ! duuuuuuude, don't take off your shirt, im begging !

don't say a word, wait for US to tell you the BTS

stay strong

what a week, what a day. i'm crawling to reach that very top level. two thousands stairs to achieve, i'm doing it slowly. so tomorrow will be the last day. we're planning to cry out loud together. haha plan to cry ? pfft. this week, well, for me, it's the very crazy week ever ! so CRAZY ! we did crazy stuffs, like something that not expected. well, it's a relief :) you are mine, i am yours :P

old Jo, put a hole in your ass. tak payah nak perasan la wei *evil winks

Sunday, February 1

ting TAG toe

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers in their blog.
B) Tag 8 people to do this quiz. (Those that are tagged cannot refuse.)
C) Continue this game by tagging 8 other people : Nik Deanna. Fatin Liyana. Zafirah. Amir Faisal. Aqilah :) Sha. Haziq. Serena Inez

What have you been doing recently?
listening to this slow-mo songs

Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
of course ! esp, when the battery is low

What happened at 10am today?
i was sleeping at Yana's Siaster's

When did you last cry?
hmm, let me think, last week cs of the SBP result

Believe in fate/destiny?
100% yeah

What do you want in your life now?
boarding sch perhaps, but i want a new laptop

Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?
umbrella mostly

What's your favourite thing to do on the bed?
closing those sleepy eyes :P

What bottoms are you wearing now?
underwear ?

Whats the nicest things in your inbox?
what ? nothing is nice in my "Inbox"

Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?
for what ? i don't wnat things to be complicated

Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
nope, everything is mine. or myb my parent's cs they bought it for me

What was the last movie you caught?
BrideWars ! super cool movie ;D

What are you proud of?
my fingers ! LOL don't ask me why

What does the oldest text msg in your inbox say?
ok, let me check it first. it says, "i love you" ! happy ?

What was the last song you sang out loud?
Thinking Of You- Katy Perry. goddie best !

Do you have any nicknames?
Hud ? right ? i don't know. my family call me "kaklong" *smile

What does the newest text say?
"Buku Physics lupa lagi !" haha it's from Dee

What time did you go to bed last night?
4 in the morning (c'mon, sing that song, beybeyh !)

Are you currently happy?
nope, not happy. just a little bit. not that much

Who gives you the best advise?
no one's giving me advise

Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
Wooo ! i love it

Who did you talk on the phone last night?
no one, my phone's battery was out

Is something bugging you now
like yeah ?

Who was the last person to make you laugh?
A comment from this person, God it' hilarious. act, it's disgusting

*AQILAH knows how to rule the world ! xP

thinking of you

yes, you. it's about you know. oh i'm thinking of you. lately, this is what i do. you can't hear my thousands words now, because you are away. i miss you so much, forever if you insist. i hate losing people, especially best friends. world knows that i need to sacrifice something, letting this people go is the hardest for me. still remember the time we said the last goodbye ? we cried together right ? *thinking. i wish that won't happen anymore, but i can't change God's fate. i'm not living in this world permanently. i'll die, you'll die. if somehow, we meet again, and you hate it. i'll accept it, carry that big dignity dear. don't let it fell.

i'm not an angel nor a devil. say i'm a vampire, i'll say "i love you" ! i wish i can turn back time, and live in past, the waste past that i ignored. spending a night talking to you is enough, it helps complete my wish lists *smile. this fairytale wishes are absolute not coming true.

now, i spend my night thinking of you