Friday, January 15


May God pleasure my hardwork and not-so-hardwork.
I am paying to much attention destroying other people's life, and I neglected mine.
I'm at school, and I wish I can go back home, and meet my family
having the time of my life, again.
I'm out this weekends, hope it will last longer

Monkey head, Huda ♥

Saturday, January 2


I am wishing you people, good luck
May God bless all of you
This may be my last post till someday-someday
I am heading back to my precious school
I may not like it, but I have to
Teachers, Wardens, Guards, Pakcik Makcik DM, Makcik Kantin
You guys wait for me
I'll be arriving soon

toodles, bloggers ♥

Friday, January 1

lets celebrate 2010

Not all of us really excited on celebrating 2010, especially those innocent victims of SPM. Though we dislike it so much, we still have to face it. That is one stage when people will say "I hate life!"

I know so much better than you do, plus I know best.

  • Don't get mad if people say you're a dumb. If you are not one, then get over it.
  • Do not rely on people who disgust you.
  • Please stop talking bad about others cause you are one of them.
  • Do not get too excited if Tom Cruise fell in love with you, cause it is the end of the world.
  • Do not go kiss everyone's butt, that is when they call you 'Sir Buttkiss'.
  • Enjoy the minutes you left, cause it ain't coming back.
  • Play hard if you want to success in something.
  • Do not act like a braniac.
  • Pleased the people around you, you're making good deeds.
  • Don't ask for others thoughts, cause they ain't that smart.
  • Do not do chicken dance when you are dancing cause it'll look weird.
  • Say your name all the time if you want to be famous.

I've sent new year wishes to all my phonemates. I f you didn't receive my wish, you are not one of them. BA-HA-HA feeling regret? I'm sorry, try harder then.

So I'm wishing you guys here,

Happy New Year everyone! Let 2010 bliss you with such enjoyments :) stick yourself as who you are, and you'll feel the blast. Muahs from Huda <3 and, sorry for the wrong doings

Cheers for our new year!