Monday, May 9

true friends

When you text them, they never reply back

When you call them, they never pick up the phone

When you write to them, they don't even bother

When you call their names, they just walk away

When you fall on the ground, they never offer a hand to lift you up

When you cry, they just watch

When you laugh, they laugh at you

When you're happy, they fake their smiles

When you ask them out, they'll say they're busy

When you come over, they'll ignore the door bell and pretend to sleep

When you have something to share, it's always "next time"

When you're telling the truth, they ignore you

When you say you love them, they never say it back

When you need them, they'll say "i have problems too"


Friday, May 6


People love to live in lies. It joys them. They like to be called fool, and they like to make a fool of themselves.

Living in lies is like living in a fairytale.
They would lie for anything to whoever they want. To live in their enchanted world.
It's a sin, where no one can resist of doing it.
Factually, to lie, is wrong. From lying, you'll end up dying. Or worse

Lying can be fun, when you know the person that you have been lying to, believes you.
Lying can be terrible, when you know the consequences.
Lying can be something that you proud of, because you manage to stand tall.
Lying can be a relieve pain, when the bruise faded.

But sometimes, at some points, you just need to spill out the truth.
When you're dying, that's the moment where you shouldn't, anymore, keep the lies.
World is true. World never lies. World accepts truth, even if it's horrifying.
To lie to person who cares about you, who never stop loving you, who never ever want to see you fail
It's such a shame.
It's like you're dancing in front, naked. Ashameless.

Lying is no joke, even when you think it is "LOL".
To start with a truth, it's a big step to actually, bring the fairytale to life

Tuesday, May 3


Assalamualaikum and One Malaysia.
Please, just please don't you ever stop by. I don't have that special talent on writing like you guys have, so don't LMAO ROFL me. Am begging.
I am back maybe because I got bored with Facebook,
I envy most blogs I read,
Or I just want to come back -.-"

*ok, macam tak best langsung*

Kbai :)

Wednesday, April 27

I think I'm back =.='