Sunday, October 14

A girl's mind.

Every girl wants to be beautiful Every girl wants to be smart Every girl wants to be happy Every girl wishes they found love In that case, every girl wants to be perfect. Never underestimate what us, girls can do. Alongside with our chatty mouth, loud laughter and unsynchronized hormones, girls’ minds can still think beyond what boys would never across of. We acknowledge the surroundings, which are why we are very particular in some matters. Girls will never say they are beautiful They will never satisfy with their pictures taken They will always doubt themselves in choosing things They will never tell their scores in exam They will always cry when watching sad movies They will reluctantly ask question until they have the answer They will, at some point, not talking to anyone when they have no mood They will get all giddy sometimes and, They are Fragile. When you took a snap of them, never tired of listening of them complaining on how bad they look, however, embraced them. Tell them that they are beautiful. A single compliment will change a girl perspective. Girls love to talk to themselves, to compliment themselves by their own. They know where they stand, that’s why they don’t show it to people. When a girl cries, don’t just ignore them. They cry in front of you in hoping you will listen to their problems. They trusted you. When a girl trusted you, you can consider yourselves as Good. Comfort her; they just want to know that they are loved. Don’t judge a girl by its giddiness. It is natural for them as they tend to be happy by showing to others that they are happy. You don’t know what is going through their heads; smiling and laughing is the key for them to endure their problems. Never laugh at girl’s fairy tale. As it might just come true.